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iMesh is a file-sharing application similar to Kazaa or Napster. Although iMesh itself is free of malicious functions, many versions of iMesh come bundled with various types of adware. Symptoms of iMesh-related adware include browser hijacks, new desktop icons, strange browser toolbars, browser pop-ups related to what you’re browsing and general system slowdown. Although iMesh adware tends to be merely obnoxious instead of outright destructive, some forms of adware may expose you to directly malicious content from their affiliates. It’s strongly recommended that you remove iMesh and all iMesh-related programs if you want your PC to operate in top form.

The Many Advertising Options iMesh Doesn’t Tell You About

Different versions of iMesh use various types of adware, but some types are noticeably more common than others. If you insist on installing iMesh, you should pay close attention to any offers or agreements during the installation process – iMesh will usually tell you about any bundled adware, although iMesh may not make this information easy to find. Some adware is optional, and some can be opted in or out, depending on which version of iMesh you’re installing.

The major iMesh-related adware culprits include:
  • Gator, a product of the Gain Publishing company. Gator will start itself whenever your computer starts, monitor your online activities, and use that information to create relevant pop-up advertisements.
  • TopText, an Ezula product that hijacks your web browser. TopText does this by redirecting you whenever you click a link, so that you see TopText-related advertisements and affiliate sites instead of the content the original site was providing links to promote.
  • CommonName, a Browser Helper Object that uses your search engine keywords as a starting point to flood you with more ‘relevant’ advertisements.
  • Cydoor, a product from Cydoor Desktop Media. Cydoor provides no uninstallation utility and can’t be uninstalled from the Windows installed programs list. Like the other threats listed above, Cydoor is a part of iMesh that’s incorporated solely to deliver unwanted advertisements.

Warding the Adware Invasion Off from iMesh and Your PC

Although the ‘official’ and latest versions of iMesh tend to come with adware like the ones noted above, alternative and older versions that are considered ‘clean’ versions are available, without any bundled adware. Besides adware, iMesh is also known to create a desktop icon linking to Rich Casino, which is non-malicious but may be personally distasteful for some.

Even if you uninstall iMesh, you may not be rid of the most invasive adware. As mentioned earlier, some types of adware will also lack individual deletion options. This leaves anti-malware software as the other practical option for getting rid of iMesh and iMesh-related malware.

Since Gator and other kinds of adware may start when your PC loads Windows, you should make use of an alternate booting mode like Safe Mode. This will let you run any scanners you want to detect and remove iMesh-related threats. High-quality scanners that are completely updated for threats should be able to recognize all of iMesh’s bundled adware without difficulty.

Uninstalling some types of adware, such as CommonName, in an improper or manual fashion may result in other problems. The most common side effect you may experience is loss of Internet connectivity. This can be repaired by changing your system settings back to their original values.

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  • arsim says:

    Can you please help me to delete

  • Erika says:


  • belfast says:


  • Gene Cuthbertson says:

    I never wanted it, never asked for it.

  • Coral says:

    TO UNINSTALL: Look for a file called \’Mediabar\’ in your \’uninstall files\’ folder (control panel) that did the trick for me.

    I tried to uninstall it using the exe file imesh supplied but it did nothing. So i found mediabar and killed it!!! Yipee!!

  • FdW-NL says:

    I dont want imesh it causes a lot of problems. iMesh is malware!
    Who can help us to remove it totally from my computer?

  • FrAnZ says:

    Solution: if uninstalling imesh in the control panel didn’t work, now try this. Close all your web browsers then go to your local drive C, open program files then, find iMesh application folder then simply delete it. Hope it works to you all.

  • brocky says:

    i just want it removed as homepage for tabs and main home page

  • nicole says:

    thankuu so much! finally got rid of it, looks exactly the same as bearshare -_-;;

  • vidya says:

    please remove it.

  • vidya says:

    please help me to remove imesh from my computer.

  • roxanne says:

    imesh sucks shit!!!!!!!! i cant get it off my home page

  • ashwini says:

    please remove it complitly

  • gmsriogj says:


  • rraj says:

    i want to uninstall imesh

  • cwfoltz says:

    I want imesh completely removed from my computer.

  • Queen says:

    Could someone please tell me how to remove IMESH

  • Bill says:

    THIS WORKED FOR ME! I tried other methods that have been suggested…stopping processes, deleting files, etc., but did not totally get rid of it. THEN I dug deep in the IMesh directory under the Programs directory and found an uninstall.exe file. I ran (double-clicked) the file, and it totally removed all traces of it. The easiest way to find it is probably to use the search feature. Look for all uninstall.exe files, and then locate the one found under the IMesh subdirectory. Double-click it.

  • whitney says:


  • vanessa says:

    I dont want imesh it causes alot of problems please remove it

  • vanessa says:


  • emma yuldly says:

    you can remove the imesh search enjine by selecting what you want up there

  • says:

    I got rid of all imesh files but when i open firefox or explorer that ladybug and other stupid things ( as play super mario ) are still there ! HELP !!!

  • Victoria. says:

    my cmd did not recognize pslist at all.

  • samitUM says:


  • Annie says:

    downloaded by mistake

  • Annie says:

    one of my grandchildren downloaded imesh

  • megan says:

    I downloaded imesh and now want to remove it now its been taken off my computer but when i open up firefox it comes up as IMESH search engine not google i have been trying EVERYTHING to get rid of it but cant find the right thing to do any suggestions?

  • bnice says:

    This is very easy press Ctrl,Alt, Delete at the same time.clickon prosses, find imesh click and delete you may want to do th same under services, Thanks this did the trick.

  • Nithila says:

    Just installed iMesh recently. Tried to uninstall from my computer programs but it does not allow me to uninstall. I don’t want to buy additional spyware, I just want iMesh off my computer. How do I make this happen!

  • ashly says:

    i don\’t want imesh in my computer anymore
    please romove it

  • mubashar says:

    My iMesh Instant Message and friendship Request not responding .. i am very worry …

  • Jenaa92 says:

    iMesh is the worst thing i\’ve ever seen.Just installed two days back n wanna get rid of it as soon as possible. Trying many ways but does\’nt work. PLEASE SHOW ME THE WAY TO UNINSTALL IT FROM MY COMPUTER.

  • pafc.sharma says:

    i want to delete mi imesh from my system. can you please remove thisbfrom my system?

  • janet says:

    iMesh is d worstest thing on d net. i hate it particularly i becomes nasty after creating an account

  • eby87 says:

    pls remove IMESH

  • christina says:

    AHH, I hate IMESH. It’s [REMOVED WORD]ing up my computer. I need it off, I hope this works!

  • kike says:

    thank you so much imesh is lame and was impossible to get rid of. thanks

  • E. Abney says:

    Just installed iMesh recently. Now I’m getting pictures of scantilly clad women and iMest IM’s that I really don’t want. Tried to uninstall from my computer programs but it does not allow me to uninstall. I don’t want to buy additional spyware, I just want iMesh off my computer. How do I make this happen!

  • marcus says:

    Thank you so much i didnt knw what to do i couldnt uninstal imesh thank you for your advise it really helped and to everybody it really works.

  • mindaya ownah says:

    I found firefox downloading and transferring data, and all kinds of computer rape, corruption and criminal activities, still got this crap on my computer.

  • reegan says:

    how do i remove ‘çontinue imesh installition’??

  • Simo says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!! I followed your advise and I used step 1 and I finally uninstal it, with your help. Once again THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

  • john liner says:

    I have tryed every thing and cannot deleted Imesh. it has take over my yahoo. I think the best thing too do is inform the FCC and get them takening off the enter net.

  • porktrotter says:

    no comment just want out thanku

  • ashashree says:


  • T.J. says:

    I’ve removed all of the processes in the task manager but I still can’t remove or open the “continue imesh installation” icon, and imesh has even mutated and “meshed” itself into being a new search engine. Now its always up on the google search bar with no way to get rid of it.

  • melissa moreno says:

    i want to delete iMesh off my computer and have my regular settings.

  • Briana says:

    THANK YOU SOMUCH! once i downloaded imesh i realized how much it sucked and no matter what i did it wouldn’t uninstall. I went to install and uninstall programs and that still didn’t get rid of it. Thanks alot!!

  • Leslie Flynn says:

    Is there a reason why I am unable to print this informational page? I wanted to take it to my computer shop because I need to have iMesh removed from my computer.

    I cannot remember all the instructions on this page to get the job done effectively, and, therefore, do require a printed copy. Any suggestions?

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