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Mediaplex is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet activity and gathers your personal information as you surf the web. This information may be retrieved by the parent company, without your consent.

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  • Tim says:

    how do i get rid of mediaplex from IE? several posting on how from Mozilla, but I need help with IE!

  • tom lyons says:

    very helpful

  • Raul Lozano says:

    I would please like my Mediaplex removed because when I ran a check on how many infections my computer had, it had a couple of them. That’s why I wanted Mediaplex removed before I had too many of them. Thank you.

  • says:

    I am soooo very sick and tired of Mediaplex gaining control of my computer. I waste more work time trying to get rid of Mediaplex so that I can get to the sites I need do work on!

  • Just sayin' says:

    Regarding “Mediaplex Manual Removal Instructions for Mozilla Firefox”, the location of cookie management has changed:

    2. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select “remove individual cookies” (it’s a hyperlink in the “History” box at the end of the last sentence.)

  • Tibor Toth Torma says:

    Thank you for helping to remove zedo, tacoda, yieldmanger and cookies. Great site!

  • Sharon says:

    MEDIAPLEX is coming from eBay. Best thing to do is everyone protest this. eBay was using Doubleclick and now they are using Mediaplex to bug the hell out of everyone. Maybe time to go back to shopping locally and [REMOVED WORD] thinking globally?

  • ghostrider01 says:


    Mediaplex Manual Removal Instructions for Mozilla Firefox: 

    Step 1 : Search and Remove Mediaplex Cookie 

    1. Start Mozilla Firefox
    2. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select Show Cookies… 
    3. Type in MediaPlex in the Search line and press Clear

    Step 2 : Detect and Remove Other Cookies 

    1. Start Mozilla Firefox
    2. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select Show Cookies… 
    3. Click on Remove All Cookies.

    Don’t worry so much about the cookies, because they are not so dangerous. It’s enough to clean them weekly from your computer.

  • Suzanne says:

    Could you please post "Mediaplex Manual Removal Instructions for Mozilla Firefox? Also whatever other materials are posted about this for Mozilla. Thank you

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