Trojan.Bamital Description

Bamital is a group of Trojans that have been used to coordinate click fraud attacks and related botnet activities – along with other possible attacks (such as theft of personal information) that can compromise the privacy or security of an infected PC. Although a recent joint effort by PC companies Microsoft and Symantec appear to have shut down the majority of Bamital’s Command & Control server network, malware experts warn that some variants of Bamital may still be operational and can utilize attacks that harm the safety or performance of your computer. Since Bamital is an advanced PC threat that exploits your computer’s resources while trying to avoid notice, you should use anti-malware utilities as required to detect and delete Bamital.

When the Metaphorical Tubes of the Internet are Clogged By Bamital

Once famously referred to as a ‘series of tubes,’ the Internet’s workings often are obtuse to even parties with an interest in knowing how it functions, and Bamital is one of the latest examples of how Trojans can affect even the simplest of online activities. malware experts have found that by exploiting DNS settings, Bamital is able to redirect your online searches to unusual sites or even block PC security-related sites. Besides watching out for such browser hijack-related attacks, you also may wish to look for signs of your searches being redirected to Microsoft and Symantec-sponsored warning pages.

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These web pages notify PC users whose DNS settings show signs of being altered by Bamital infections (and replace the previous content displayed by Bamital).

However, many of Bamital’s other functions are less obvious than its browser redirects. Bamital’s payload also may include the installation of spyware programs, such as banking trojans, that may steal information about email addresses, passwords, credit card and other types of lucrative information. malware experts also note that Bamital may harm your PC’s stability and performance – since botnet-based Trojans like Bamital have a tendency to conduct repetitive attack functions (albeit not necessarily against the infected PC) on a semi-continuous basis.

The Antidote to Bamital’s PC Security Poison

Bamital’s most well-known trait is its website-blocking attack function, which prevents its victims from loading websites that are related to well-known PC security companies. Components of Bamital also have been known to use a range of different stealth techniques, such as injecting their code into Windows processes. Due to the latter characteristic, malware research team does not suggest trying to remove Bamital with anything less than a competent anti-malware application.

If you continue to experience any unusual browser behavior after removing Bamital, you also may need to readjust your DNS settings. You can use several tools to do this, all of which are free and can be performed with the basic features that are found in Windows. So far, malware experts haven’t seen variants of Bamital that have targeted non-Windows operating systems – although some similar PC threats have shown a greater range of compatibility.

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