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YouPorn is both a pornography website and a tracking cookie from the aforementioned site. Although this website hasn’t been regarded as directly malicious by security companies, there have been indications that YouPorn may use third-party cookies to track your browsing behavior. There aren’t any advantages to keeping a YouPorn tracking cookie around, so it’s recommended that you delete YouPorn and cookies like it that serve no useful functions.

How the Public Brought YouPorn’s Spying to Light

Despite its peddling in traditionally somewhat illicit wares, YouPorn has for the most part done a good job in keeping its reputation ‘clean’, as far as a pornography website can manage! As an adult-oriented alternative to Youtube, YouPorn benefited from a similarly user-friendly interface, free content, and overall lack of malware.

This changed at some point when the proprietors decided to track their visitors and monitor browsing habits to sell for profit. This was accomplished by means of a tracking cookie, a simple file that takes up almost no space on your system while quietly taking notes on each website you visit and each link you click.

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A letter scrambler was even used to obscure this behavior, making it harder for code-divers to find out about YouPorn!

A 2010 lawsuit brought this change in philosophy to the attention of the public at large. As a result, PornHub removed the PornHub tracking cookie script in hopes of avoiding a backlash.

Why You Should Care if You Have YouPorn Tracking Cookie

Although YouPorn has stopped tracking new visitors for now, the YouPorn tracking cookie may still be on your computer if you had visited the website before they changed the code! Deleting the YouPorn tracker can be done manually through hunting down the right files in your temporary Internet files folder, or it can be done more quickly through an anti-malware scanner.

Just as you wouldn’t leave all your windows open up a cold day, there’s no real reason for the YouPorn tracker to be on your computer. Deleting YouPorn’s tracker cookie will insure your absolute privacy online and will prevent others from profiting off you for the purpose of targeting advertising. However, since not removing YouPorn’s tracker will not result in serious malware infections in and of itself, you shouldn’t panic or act hastily. Feel free to take your time and remove YouPorn’s tracker whenever you’re ready and have the right tools at hand.

YouPorn Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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  • Justin says:

    Please remove and delete my uporn account

  • Kristin says:

    You rock!

  • cher says:

    Hiya. Very cool website!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds. Also, I am satisfied to find so much helpful information here in the post. Thank you for sharing.

  • mark says:

    ya, they even have a real porn site after this junk. thank you for the help removing my malware.

  • NYC says:

    We recently overheard a conversation today asking whether the tracking cookie was effective on the MacBook in the same way that it was for PC\’s, and if Mac owners should be concerned. There was also some questions as to the effectiveness of Spyhunter in dealing with it on a Mac if so. Any thoughts?

  • abidi ehtisham says:


  • Hermann Goering says:

    I’m not sure this is what i have, because what i have is no damn tracking cookie but a full-blown fake anti-malware trojan. any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated:

    Symptoms: three icons added to the desktop labeled “”, “”, and “”. not sure where they link to, since clicking on them tries to load Internet Explorer, which i do not run (I use Mozilla Firefox). i periodically get a popup window labeled “Malicious software removal tool” with a warning that my system may be infected with a trojan.

    1) it does NOT show up as a Process in Task Manager.

    2) SpyHunter 3.10.27 neither DETECTS nor ELIMINATES it. i bought SpyHunter based on the recommendation on this page, and so far it is useless against this trojan – and yes, i have the latest program and definition updates, and i’ve used it in both Smart Scan and Full Scan modes.

    3) the only thing i can do is keep reinstalling Windows XP, which will allow the system to boot up once more and get rid of the symptoms (Desktop icons) for a while, until the trojan re-triggers and re-infects my system, at which time it becomes prone to lockup and won’t reboot unless i do a system recovery.

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