Adware.OpenCandy Description

Even the best security companies sometimes make mistakes, as is the case with the Adware.OpenCandy malware detection. Adware.OpenCandy is a completely harmless marketing tool bundled with program installations but has no real benefits to a computer user. Because this pseudo-adware has no serious advantages, most users will want to delete Adware.OpenCandy or avoid installing it. Adware.OpenCandy may leave behind trace elements that can easily be removed manually or through security applications.

Adware.OpenCandy is Just a Little Adware, Nothing More

Almost everyone will only come into contact with Adware.OpenCandy after intentionally downloading and installing another program. Adware.OpenCandy is used to allow software developers to ‘partner’ their products with other ones that are recommended during installation. This process only nags the user during installation and is neutral behavior rather than malicious. The Adware.OpenCandy program has also been verified to be bundled with PDF creation applications specifically.

The user may or may not be able to opt out of installing Adware.OpenCandy during the process, since different installation packages will incorporate Adware.OpenCandy in slightly different ways.

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Many programs that currently use Adware.OpenCandy are gradually moving towards non-OpenCandy installation packages.

Detecting and Removing Adware.OpenCandy

Adware.OpenCandy will be detected as a very low-level threat by many anti-malware scanners. These security products may require recent updates to spot Adware.OpenCandy, because this adware was identified as a threat by Microsoft only in February of 2011.

Although Adware.OpenCandy is not technically a threat, generally there’s no reason to keep Adware.OpenCandy on your system. Adware.OpenCandy will leave behind files and registry entries that should be deleted as a matter of course, since your system will run more smoothly with less trivial garbage in it. The remnants of Adware.OpenCandy serve no purpose and may confuse your system and cause errors if left to accumulate with the remains of other leftover removed programs.

Manually deleting Adware.OpenCandy’s files isn’t likely to cause damage to your system. However, the manual removal of Adware.OpenCandy’s registry entries can harm your computer if you delete the wrong entries. Given the risk, less experienced users should content themselves with using scanners and other anti-malware programs to delete Adware.OpenCandy’s traces fully.


TROJ_SPNR.02L912 [TrendMicro-HouseCall]Adware.Win32.OpenCandy.AMN (A) [Emsisoft]TROJ_GEN.R47Z6LK [TrendMicro-HouseCall]Generic4.BDCS [AVG]Riskware/PUP_z [Fortinet]Trojan.Gen [PCTools]Win32:Adware-gen [GData]Adware/OpenCandy.A.92 [AntiVir]Adware.OpenCandy!tniSUudHYPY [Agnitum]Win32:Adware-gen [Adw] [Avast]

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Adware.OpenCandy Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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