Anti-Virus Number 1

Anti-Virus Number 1 Description

ScreenshotAnti-Virus Number 1 is a rogue anti-spyware program that is often downloaded and installed without user knowledge or consent by a Trojan or through browser security holes. Anti-Virus Number 1 launches on Windows startup and may generate large numbers of popup adverts. Anti-Virus Number 1 will also display notifications of imaginary security risks in its attempts to get the user to purchase the full version. The fake warning messages state:

“Privacy Violation alert!
Anti-Virus Number-1 detected a Privacy Violation. A program is secretly sending your private data to an untrusted internet host. click here to block this activity by removing the threat (Recommended).”


“Internal conflict alert.
Anti-Virus Number-1 detected internal software conflict.

» Learn more about SpyHunter's Spyware Detection Tool
and steps to uninstall SpyHunter.

Some applicztion tries to get access to system kernel (such behavior is typical to Spyware/Malware). It may cause crash of your computer.”

If you follow its directions, you will download Anti-Virus Number 1, and once downloaded Anti-Virus Number 1 may redirect your Internet Explorer home page to a malicious website. Anti-Virus Number 1 may also download and install other software without your permission. Anti-Virus Number 1 may be distributed through bundles of trojans and other malware. Anti-Virus Number-1 is a clone of the infamous Anti-Virus-1 and Antivirus 2010, which are other corrupt distributed programs. Anti-Virus Number-1 should not be trusted and is recommended to be removed.


Fraudtool.SecurityCenter.M [VirusBuster]Adware.SecurityCenter.R.527360.A [ViRobot]TROJ_KRYPTIK.OL [TrendMicro]Adware/WinAntivirus2006 [Panda]Trojan.FakeXPA.A.220 [McAfee-GW-Edition]not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.SecurityCenter.bc [K7AntiVirus]Misc/SecurityCenter [Fortinet]FraudTool.Win32.SecurityCenter.bc [F-Secure]Win32/FakeAV.AKQ [eTrust-Vet]Unclassified Malware [Comodo]

More aliases (128)

Anti-Virus Number 1 Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

Is your PC infected with Anti-Virus Number 1? To safely & quickly detect Anti-Virus Number 1 we highly recommend you run the malware scanner listed below.

Technical Details

Visual & GUI Characteristics


File System Modifications

Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove malicious DLLs and delete other harmful files. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.

Registry Modifications

Tutorial: To edit and delete registry entries manually, read the tutorial on how to remove malicious registry entries.

Tip & Warning: Editing and removing the wrong registry keys can severely damage your PC, so remember to backup your Windows Registry! To optimize your Windows Registry and speed up your PC, download RegHunter's registry cleaner.
  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:
  • The following CLSID's were detected:
    HKEY..\..\{CLSID Path} {27C9DD2C-9F0C-4CB8-B631-26B44DFCDEF5}{0D1DBFEE-0C43-4223-8B3E-A56FB3C5C87D}{CD30B357-F8F7-4AD1-BF68-04A219D21A69}{6AB37108-7433-4a04-B49C-4AC3D971E102}{2182220D-AA70-4764-B4E6-1F5BBA322C9C}{CDB65423-01F2-4CAF-B56D-FF0590D26EC7}
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Threat Metric
Threat Level: 10/10
Detection Count: 26


  • Tamisha Sara says:

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this site post!

  • Blair S says:

    I didn’t have the patience to spend another minute trying to battle this demon so I just ended up restoring my system to a day earlier.

  • xp home security says:

    I used safe mode (F8) the did a system restore to a date before the AV security suite was installed and it worked perfectly.

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