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Arcade Parlor is adware that tends to be installed through bundles from the website, which markets ‘free’ games at the cost of loading advertisements into your Web browser with the Arcade Parlor add-on. Due to the quantity and lack of flexibility around the advertising functions of Arcade Parlor, malware researchers classify Arcade Parlor as adware that may be a security and performance disadvantage for your computer. While you may wish to form your own opinion on whether or not Arcade Parlor is worth its asking price, deleting Arcade Parlor with appropriate anti-adware software will provide increased stability and online security for your Web browser, leaving you free to pursue games at sites that use more auspicious business models than

‘Step Into My Parlor’ Said the Adware to the Fly

As an example in adware baiting its trap, Arcade Parlor is very conventional but none the less effective, by offering dozens of free online games with the seemingly small compensation of asking that you install the Arcade Parlor software. While its installation grants you access to its site’s full entertainment features, the process also lets Arcade Parlor change your Web browser for the worse, by adding extra advertisements that load automatically and on Web pages that are completely unrelated to Arcade Parlor.

At this point in time, malware researchers have connected these adware-related functions to Arcade Parlor, although more may be added over time:
  • Transitional (also known as interstitial) advertisements that pause the loading of another site so that a full-page advertisement may be displayed.
  • Banner-based graphical advertisements that are displayed in a sidebar.
  • Text-based advertising links that are injected into the natural text content of other sites.
  • Pop-up and pop-under window advertisements, which may load without any regard for the site that’s being viewed.
  • Arcade Parlor also determines the content of its advertisements by tracking your basic online behavior (such as the sites that you visit) with cookies.

These changes may affect multiple Web browsers at the same time.

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Malware researchers currently confirmed Arcade Parlor’s compatibility with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, although they may not be the only browsers to be modified.

Saving Your Browser’s Spare Lives for Safer Software

Arcade Parlor doesn’t warrant classification as a threat and has relatively little in common with the average Trojan or spyware program. Despite not being threatening, Arcade Parlor’s advertisements still may endanger you, due to being pulled from third party sources and being displayed automatically on various Web pages, with limited control given to the user. Because malware researchers see attacks initiated through adware advertisements very frequently, deleting Arcade Parlor should be treated as safer for your PC than tolerating its advertisement-based toll to play its games.

Improper removal of Arcade Parlor usually may cause some of its side effects to remain integrated into your Web browser, with predictably undesirable results for your Web-browsing performance. To keep this common issue from arising, remove Arcade Parlor with a dedicated anti-adware, anti-malware or anti-virus-related program with a strong past of deleting unwanted advertising programs.

Arcade Parlor Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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