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Coupon Companion Description

Coupon Companion is an adware program that displays advertisements in your web browser. Like many adware programs, Coupon Companion attempts to resist its own deletion and may be difficult to disable, unlike benign browser plugins. Coupon Companion doesn’t even display legitimate links for coupons – instead, Coupon Companion displays links to affiliate sites that are disguised as coupons. Given its intractability towards being removed from your computer, deleting Coupon Companion should use appropriate anti-malware products that can detect and delete all of Coupon Companion’s components without any problems.

Coupon Companion: the Companion That’s Friendlier with Other Sites Than with You

Coupon Companion promotes itself both on its website and on general freeware sites as a useful browser plugin for finding digital bargains. However, although Coupon Companion does display links that appear to be related to saving money for whatever site you’re viewing, these links actually are just dressed-up sponsored links to unrelated websites. Coupon Companions claims of discounts are, ultimately, unlikely to be available at the sites that Coupon Companions links towards, and sites promoted by Coupon Companion may not necessarily be safe for your PC.

Coupon Companion often is installed by partnerships with unrelated applications that don’t mention that they also include an installer for Coupon Companion.

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Close analysis of program installation routines may let you dodge a Coupon Companion infection, but above all else, malware researchers recommend avoiding sites that are known havens for adware, PUPs, browser hijackers and other low-level PC threats like Coupon Companion. Naturally, the Coupon Companion website ( also is a noteworthy infection vector for Coupon Companion, although it doesn’t appear to include browser exploits that could install Coupon Companion without your permission.

The Real Offer You Can’t Refuse: Getting Coupon Companion Out of Your Computer in the Blink of an Eye

Aside from its poor advertising features, Coupon Companion hasn’t been found to include other functions that could harm your computer, and malware experts don’t consider Coupon Companion to be dangerous on the same level as a rootkit, banking Trojan or virus. However, since Coupon Companion doesn’t have any benevolent features and can impede your ability to browse the web, Coupon Companion should be removed ASAP as a habitual precaution.

Coupon Companion has shown a noteworthy resistance to being uninstalled by the methods that would remove any normal browser add-on. However, accurate anti-malware scanners shouldn’t experience any issues with finding and removing Coupon Companion completely. In some cases, you also may need to uninstall the software that was installed with Coupon Companion in the first place. However, most reputable programs should include adware-free installers without any danger of installing Coupon Companion by accident.

Coupon Companion Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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