Description Screenshot 1Delta-Homes or is a search site that redirects all of its searches to the much more well-known Google and promotes companies that have been confirmed for disreputable business practices (such as stealing content from competitors’ websites). Although not very dangerous for you or your PC, Delta-Homes also is promoted by the browser-redirecting attacks of browser hijackers who also have a history of tampering with their victims’ desktop icons. If your desktop icons begin to reroute you to Delta-Homes, or you experience other Delta-Homes-related problems, you should be ready to use anti-malware applications to disinfect your PC and remove Delta-Homes’s browser hijacker – and any other malicious software that may have been installed with Delta-Homes.

Delta-Homes: The ‘Delta’ of Homes… but the Alpha Dog of Your Desktop

Delta-Homes was registered only early in July of 2013 and has not had much content developed for Delta-Homes – as is readily seen from its copy-pasted search template and the fact that Delta-Homes redirects searches to Google instead of providing its own results. malware researchers haven’t seen any indications that Delta-Homes tampers with the Google-provided results, but, nonetheless, recommend a reasonable level of caution while you’re browsing Delta-Homes.

This especially is applicable to Delta-Homes’s advertisements, which include the promotion of some Web security products (such as iSafe) that have been classified as scamware.

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The iSafe anti-malware scanner also is a clone of similar rogue anti-malware products, such as AntivirusTrigger and Astrum Antivirus, and you never should expect any of these programs to be able to protect your PC from legitimate threats. However, other than peddling useless software and stealing text content from other websites (an illegal process often referred to as ‘scrapping,’), affiliates of Delta-Homes have not been found to be very dangerous.

PC threats related to Delta-Homes usually are noticed through their redirects to Delta-Homes, which may hijack your searches or your homepages. Unusually, they also have been found to alter the Web addresses of many shortcut icons, especially including shortcuts for Web-browsing programs like Firefox or IE.

Getting the Delta-Homes Squatter Out of Your Shortcuts and Your Browser

Browser hijackers and related PC threats may be perfectly happy to promote Delta-Homes by taking over your browser and your desktop, but you shouldn’t tolerate this essential lack of control over your PC any more than you would tolerate a stranger living in your own home. To be sure of deleting all threats that are responsible for causing Delta-Homes redirects, malware researchers always encourage using reputable brands of anti-malware products to delete Delta-Homes malware.

Delta-Homes is not (at this time) classified as an infection vector, and just browsing should not endanger your PC. However, installing software promoted by Delta-Homes may cause other problems for your computer, and it’s recommended that you be alert to all the typical symptoms of fake security programs whenever you’re dealing with Delta-Homes-affiliated software. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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Technical Details

File System Modifications

Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove malicious DLLs and delete other harmful files. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.

Registry Modifications

Tutorial: To edit and delete registry entries manually, read the tutorial on how to remove malicious registry entries.

Tip & Warning: Editing and removing the wrong registry keys can severely damage your PC, so remember to backup your Windows Registry! To optimize your Windows Registry and speed up your PC, download RegHunter's registry cleaner.
  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:
    HKEY..\..\..\..{RegistryKeys}Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Explorer\EdpDomStorage\delta-homes.comSoftware\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\delta-homes.comSoftware\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\delta-homes.comSOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tracing\delta-homes_RASAPI32SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\delta-homesSoftwareSOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\delta-homes_RASAPI32SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\delta-homes_RASMANCS
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