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Eazel.com Screenshot 1Eazel.com is a freeware site that offers a wide range of program downloads – but also monetizes these downloads by bundling them with Potentially Unwanted Programs and similar low-level PC threats. Although SpywatreRemove.com malware analysts haven’t found Eazel.com to use drive-by-download or other exploits that could operate without your permission, intentionally downloading applications from Eazel.com also may infect your PC with unwanted pests like browser hijackers, adware or malicious browser add-ons. If you think that your PC has suffered from such an attack, it’s recommended that you use anti-malware software to remove all Eazel.com-affiliated malware safely.

Why Eazel.com’s Promises Aren’t All that They Seem to Be

Although Eazel.com claims that its content is one hundred percent free of viruses and spyware, SpywatreRemove.com malware analysts have confirmed that Eazel.com does distribute other types of malware – albeit not extremely dangerous ones. Adware, browser hijackers, PUPs and similar PC threats like the Babylon Toolbar often are bundled with Eazel.com downloads. SpywatreRemove.com malware researchers have noted some of the most common traits of such infections below:
  • Changes to your browser’s homepage.
  • Pop-up advertisements.
  • Having your browser redirected to unwanted sites.
  • Seeing text content highlighted with extra hyperlinks that promote irrelevant sites.
  • The addition of a toolbar to your browser’s interface.
  • Shortcuts that are added to your desktop without your permission.
  • Poor system performance (which may relate to your online web-browsing habits being monitored).

Fortunately, SpywatreRemove.com malware experts haven’t seen any evidence of Eazel.com trafficking in high-level PC threats like banking Trojans, Winlocker style ransomware Trojans or other extremely dangerous forms of malware.

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Nonetheless, since even minor PC threats are security risks that don’t have any benefits for your web-browsing experience, downloading from Eazel.com is discouraged.

Wiping Your Virtual Easel Clean of Eazel.com’s Adware

As long as you don’t install any software from Eazel.com, visiting Eazel.com isn’t likely to cause any type of harm to your PC. Unfortunately, Eazel.com’s software downloads aren’t guaranteed to advertise when they install PUPs of any sort, and they may make changes to your PC without your consent or any visible signs of the attacks. As a safeguard against this problem, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers suggest the utilization of anti-malware solutions to scan your machine if you’ve ever installed anything from the Eazel.com website.

Most types of Potentially Unwanted Programs, including those from Eazel.com, will not display themselves in the Control Panel and will refuse to uninstall themselves through the usual methods. However, they also can be removed easily by any competent type of anti-malware scanner. Once they’re removed, if you continue to experience side effects of your brush with Eazel.com, SpywatreRemove.com malware experts recommend that you reset your browser to its default settings.

Eazel.com Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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Visual & GUI Characteristics

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