Description Screenshot is a search site that provides legitimate search results, albeit occasionally with unmarked advertisements included in its links. Other than the above caveat and’s somewhat questionable user agreement policies, has not been found to indulge in any dangerous or malicious business practices, and malware experts rate as a reasonably safe site. However, sometimes may be promoted by the browser-redirecting attacks of malware, such as toolbars or browser hijackers, which take control of your browser for the purpose of determining what sites you can visit. These attacks always are dangerous to your computer even if isn’t, and anti-malware software should be relied on whenever you need to stop redirects or similar browser attacks. Seeking You Out Even When You’re Not Seeking It is a search engine site that provides results formatted similar to those of Yahoo Search or Google – albeit without stealing results directly from such sites. After examining the results provided by, malware experts can verify them as being non-malicious, although may include some additional advertisements and other irrelevant content that’s not marked as distinct from its other links.

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Typical for a relatively unknown search site, also includes hefty privacy and user condition policies that are indicative of gathering some basic, non-personal information from its users.

Where is of most concern, is in its indirect involvement with browser hijackers and other PC threats that specialize in redirecting compromised browsers to unwanted sites. Search hijacks and related attacks sometimes are used to force victims to visit By circumventing your browser’s normal controls, these PC threats are direct dangers to the safety of your Web-browsing environment, and malware researchers are forced to recommend the expedient deletion of any software responsible for redirects to without your approval.

Taking Your Browser Back to the Sites of Your Choice should not be treated as an immediate danger to your browser or the rest of your PC. However, malware experts do continue to recommend the use of all appropriate browser security features while browsing’s search results or affiliated links, such as disabling unnecessary JavaScript, blocking pop-ups and keeping all software equipped with the latest security patches. Similarly, appropriate anti-malware products may delete any malware on your computer without, in most cases, any further steps beyond an initial system scan being required.

Redirects to and other search sites often are the result of a potentially malicious browser add-on or toolbar that’s installed with other applications. Procuring software from trustworthy sites, monitoring any offered installation options and being watchful over any visible browser changes all can be helpful for preventing your browser from suddenly being redirected to without your permission. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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