Description Screenshot is the base domain for, a search engine website that’s promoted through browser hijacks from its associated toolbar. While will try to portray its browser add-on as a helpful product that allows you to search for games and other relevant interests online,’s accompanying software has been confirmed by malware researchers as a low-level PC threat and browser hijacker. Despite the lack of danger associated with, which uses MetaCrawler-consolidated links for its search results, the presence of a PC threat on your computer that promotes through redirects and other browser-based attacks should be considered a security risk to be eliminated with an anti-malware application of your preference.

The Fantastical Nature of How Gets You Into Its Little Club doesn’t offer any search features that can’t be found easily on other websites, although temporary contact with can, likewise, be considered harmless. As far as disreputable search websites are concerned, what sets on the map is its promotion of a Fantastigames Toolbar, which usually is distributed in packages with unrelated programs. Malware experts can confirm that’s toolbar has been seen in bundles for file-extraction utilities (RAR and ZIP unpackers, for example) that are available from freeware sites and other poorly-secured download sources such as P2P networks.

Whether you install’s browser add-on intentionally or by mistake, the result is always the same: redirects to when you open new tabs, open your homepage or try to use a search engine.

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These attacks may also correspond to changes in your operating system’s files, such as the Registry, and may occur in multiple brands of browsers. malware researchers recommend immediate action against any confirmed installation of the toolbar or other type of browser hijacker, since these changes usually reduce the security of your web browser.

Bidding a Fabulous Farewell to

While’s toolbar may have components that are easy to detect and remove, normal add-on deletion processes are likely to leave some components of a browser hijacker intact. malware experts recommend that, to delete all system changes associated with browser hijackers, you should consider using anti-malware programs that have confirmed histories of dealing with adware, PUPs and similar types of minor PC threats.

While may present agreements and TOSes that claim that has the right to make these changes to your browser, such quasi-legal documentation is generally-regarded as a smokescreen that delays the removal of minor adware and other Potentially Unwanted Programs. Under no circumstances do malware researchers suggest that you live with or ignore unwanted redirects to as a side effect of benign software – especially since’s search features can be found on more reputable websites than Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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