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Home.sweetim.com Screenshot 1Home.sweetim.com is a sub-domain of sweetim.com, a website that promotes an emoticon product for Internet Explorer. In spite of its seemingly benevolent function, the SweetIM product has been found to be guilty of having several traits of malicious software, including changing your browser’s settings to promote Home.sweetim.com and related sites without your consent. In general, malware analysts recommend that you remove SweetIM software with an anti-malware product to ensure the full reversal of all undesired settings changes, and contact with Home.sweetim.com is discouraged for the sake of general online safety.

The Sour in Being Trotted to Home.sweetim.com

As a small piece of the overall sweetim.com site, Home.sweetim.com may be encountered at random while browsing the web, although more likely than not, your first visit to Home.sweetim.com will be a result of an unwanted browser redirect or a homepage change that locks your starting page to Home.sweetim.com. Browser redirects are one of several symptoms that are typical of the SweetIM emoticon add-on, and, besides promoting Home.sweetim.com, SpywareRemove.com malware experts have found that these attacks have also been known to promote Search.sweetim.com as an alternative search engine.

Other issues that may be expected from a SweetIM-infected PC include:
  • Degraded performance in Internet Explorer, such as slow website loading times.
  • Non-Internet Explorer search engines being blocked.
  • Toolbar add-ons and other additions to Internet Explorer’s interface to promote SweetIM.
  • Similar add-ons for the Facebook social networking site (that may not be deleted when you remove the main program).

By itself, Home.sweetim.com has received overall poor marks for privacy, security, reliability of service and other aspects of online content qualification.

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However, many PC security companies don’t detect Home.sweetim.com as overtly malicious, since Home.sweetim.com’s characteristic product is, at best, a low-level threat in the same vein as adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs. Some users also have reported browser exploits (such as drive-by-download attacks) being used by Home.sweetim.com, although SpywareRemove.com malware researchers are unable to verify these incidents at this time.

Staging a Breakout from Home.sweetim.com’s Too-Welcoming Homestead

Because SweetIM is often distributed with installers for unrelated freeware programs, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend that you be cautious about which applications you install to avoid unwanted Home.sweetim.com redirects. Redirects to Home.sweetim.com can’t be solved by changing your browser’s settings; as a BHO that resists normal deletion methods, SweetIM should be removed by a qualified anti-malware scanner.

Despite the high nuisance factor in redirects to Home.sweetim.com, SweetIM and related PC threats haven’t been found to cause severe damage to PCs they attack. While SpywareRemove.com malware experts still recommend that you avoid Home.sweetim.com and remove SweetIM software promptly, as a low-level threat, Home.sweetim.com shouldn’t be considered as dangerous as phishing sites or other forms of sophisticated e-crime efforts.

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