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Iamwired.net Screenshot 1Iamwired.net (also known as www9.iamwired.net) is a hostile site that uses its looks as a search engine to promote and distribute PC threats, potentially including spyware. This relationship is also reciprocal, since Iamwired.net is also promoted by browser hijackers that redirect your web browser to Iamwired.net without your consent. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend that you avoid interaction with Iamwired.net’s content, since Iamwired.net can be a source of other attacks, and suggest that you remove browser hijackers that promote Iamwired.net by scanning your PC with suitable anti-malware software. Browser hijackers for Iamwired.net may or may not be present in a browser-specific form, and, since browser hijackers for Iamwired.net have been known to take a variety of different formats, you should avoid trying to delete Iamwired.net’s browser hijacker without automated assistance.

Iamwired.net – Hooking Your PC Up with a Range of PC Threats

Iamwired.net has the appearance of a search engine but exhibits an utter lack of the safety features of a real search site like Google or Bing. Because Iamwired.net has been confirmed to be used as an infection vector for many types of PC threats, any contact with Iamwired.net may risk infecting your computer or exposing you to other attacks (such as phishing scams that steal personal information).

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Trojans, adware and other PC threats found to be linked to Iamwired.net include:
  • Trojan-Downloader.MSIL.Agent.tj, a Trojan that downloads other PC threats from remote servers.
  • OneStep, an adware program that’s often distributed inside installation packages for pirate-related software (such as dvd decryption tools). Other adware programs that may also be encountered in similar circumstances include MxLiveMedia and LoudMo Ad Assistant.
  • Malicious browser add-ons and toolbars like not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.ChameleonTom.a.

However, this list shouldn’t be considered conclusive, and due to the variety of PC threats that may be involved in any visit to Iamwired.net, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend that you scan your entire PC after such an encounter.

Cutting Off Iamwired.net’s Puppet Strings to Your Browser

All of the PC threats noted above have also been known for their ability to include browser redirect functions that force your browser to load Iamwired.net, either in the form of a default homepage or as a redirect from another website. Browser hijackers that promote Iamwired.net have been known to be installed in browser-specific formats, such as add-ons, that can only function in Firefox or other types of specific web browsers, but they may also be installed in generic forms that can attack all browsers.

The above PC threats are limited to attacking Windows computers, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts note that non-Windows computers should be safe from Iamwired.net redirects unless a new variant is developed for alternative operating systems. However, most versions of Windows can be affected by Iamwired.net redirects and related attacks, including old versions of the OS such as Windows 95, as well as modern versions of Windows like Windows 7.

Iamwired.net Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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