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IhaveNet.com is a general-interest news website that offers articles on such topics as politics, bodily health, sports and the stock market. Even though ESG malware researchers have yet to see any signs of IhaveNet.com promoting malicious content, IhaveNet.com has acquired a minor taint to its reputation from separate browser hijackers that can force your browser to load IhaveNet.com automatically. Browser hijackers that redirect to IhaveNet.com are likely to be installed along with other PC threats and may even include such dangerous attacks as attempted theft of bank passwords; as such, ESG malware research team suggests using anti-malware products to scan for and remove IhaveNet.com-related PC threats as is appropriate.

When You’re Caught in a Browser Hijacker’s Net for IhaveNet.com Traffic

IhaveNet.com lacks a history of hosting PC threats or links to sites with malicious intentions, but malware analysts have taken note of indirect ties that confirmed PC threats have had with IhaveNet.com by giving IhaveNet.com free traffic. Typical attacks involving IhaveNet.com-related browser hijackers can include:
  • Redirecting your browser to IhaveNet.com when you try to load another site or use a search engine.
  • Setting your homepage or new tab page to IhaveNet.com.
  • Displaying IhaveNet.com-related pop-ups.
  • Altering your search results so that they display links to IhaveNet.com.
  • Inserting links to IhaveNet.com in normally-unlinked content (such as keywords in text articles).

Even though unwarranted redirects to IhaveNet.com and similar sites are symptoms that occur in your browser, ESG malware researchers have found that most browser hijackers include components besides browser-based ones.

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Therefore, attempting to get rid of a browser hijacker by deleting your browser or disabling add-ons can be considered relatively fruitless compared to more standard anti-malware disinfection techniques, as noted further in this article.

The Problems You May Not Know You Had with IhaveNet.com Redirects

Although browser hijackers that redirect you to IhaveNet.com may not be redirecting you to overtly dangerous content, ESG malware analysts have seen many cases of similar browser hijackers including less-obvious attacks than redirects in their arsenal. These dangers can include the alteration of web pages to include advertisements/harmful content, attempts to monitor private information (account passwords, etc.) and harmful alterations to your browser’s security settings.

Browser hijackers that promote IhaveNet.com and similar sites tend include browser-external components, such as registry entries. Anti-malware programs with any reasonable degree of competence should be able to remove all components of an IhaveNet.com-related browser hijacker without any issues. However, booting your PC into Safe Mode may be necessary to delete all related PC threats in an IhaveNet.com-redirecting problem. Naturally, ESG malware research team advises that you keep your browser closed during this process, which hopefully will ensure that PC threats linked to IhaveNet.com redirect attacks aren’t open at the time of the scan.

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