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Internet Helper Toolbar Description

Internet Helper, AKA Internet Helper Toolbar or InternetHelper Toolbar, is a new addition to the Conduit family of browser plugins. Marketing materials claim that Internet Helper will assist you with searching the web and other web-browsing activities, but Internet Helper’s major functions focus on redirecting your browser to unwanted sites and displaying advertisements. Deleting Internet Helper is a process that should take advantage of anti-malware programs that can remove all of the system changes involved in Internet Helper’s installation, and malware researchers recommend doing so quickly.

The Things that Internet Helper Helps Itself to Without Any Due Regard

A relative of other Conduit-based plugins like Delta Search Toolbar, FLV Runner Toolbar, WiseConvert Community Toolbar, Adware.2YourFace and Vuze Toolbar, Internet Helper also exists solely for the purpose of promoting irrelevant websites and displaying advertisements. Malware researchers also saw Internet Helper being promoted by fake search sites that provided ‘spam’ results instead of legitimate links and can’t recommend using any web-searching functions related to Internet Helper or sites promoted by Internet Helper.

Examples of misbehavior common to Internet Helper and other Conduit Ltd toolbars include:
  • Monitoring of your web-browsing habits (non-personal data like the sites you access and the extent of these visits).
  • Creating advertisements, such as pop-ups or text links, automatically.
  • Changing your search engine and/or homepage to sites that are affiliated with the Conduit Ltd company.

Internet Helper and similar adware programs are designed to work in more than one type of web browser.

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Popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE all should be considered major targets for most of Internet Helper’s attacks, which also can include settings changes that harm your PC in general.

Putting a Stop to a Help that You Don’t Need

Since Internet Helper’s attacks are based on generating revenue through advertisements and similar content, Internet Helper only is classified as a low-level PC threat. However, malware experts still suggest avoiding any sites related to Internet Helper. They also recommend nothing but haste for removing Internet Helper whenever Internet Helper appears to be interfering with your ability to use your browser. The same warnings also apply to other Conduit toolbars and, of course, to adware, PUPs and browser hijackers in general (all of which can show similar symptoms to Internet Helper).

Security programs that are geared towards the removal of malicious software are most certain of deleting Internet Helper with complete success. A partial deletion is unlikely to remove all of the browser changes that enable Internet Helper’s attacks, and malware experts suggest attempting any other means of expediting Internet Helper’s removal only in unusual circumstances.

Internet Helper Toolbar Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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