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Jsn.donecore.net is an advertisement delivery domain that malware researchers have linked to recent attacks involving fake and compromised software updates. These types of attacks are used to distribute both minor PC threats (such as adware) as well high-level threats, and you should assume that your PC may be infected even if you don’t install the offered ‘update’ deliberately. Jsn.donecore.net’s drive-by-downloads currently are being assisted by the pop-up-generating functions of an additional threat. Whether you’re dealing with the initial Jsn.donecore.net pop-ups or their after effects, using anti-malware products to remove all Jsn.donecore.net-based PC threats from your computer should be a high priority.

Why Your PC Security Might Be Done After a Run-in with Jsn.donecore.net

Although not all of its content is guaranteed to be so threatening, Jsn.donecore.net recently was tied to attacks that attempted to distribute threats disguised as updates for legitimate software. These ‘updates,’ for popular brands of Web browsers and media players, actually installed unsafe software onto unprotected PCs. Currently, malware experts have been unable to confirm whether any active software exploits were included to allow the installation of threats to take place, although this is a common ‘backup’ infection strategy for fake software updates distributed through pop-up strategies.

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Disabling JavaScript, updating all programs in general (but especially your browser) and blocking advertisements are some of the most direct defenses against Jsn.donecore.net.

The origin points of these pop-up attacks have been narrowed down to secondary types of threatening software that modify your browser to load pop-ups for Jsn.donecore.net and other sites automatically. Many incidents related to these attacks still are very recent, and the overall threat campaign should be treated as an ongoing danger to your PC. Since outdated programs are more vulnerable to recently-coded and updated threat attacks, updating your browser, and all relevant security software is of special importance in these cases. Malware researchers haven’t linked these attacks to any well-defined browser add-ons such as toolbars that are marketed like distinct software products.

Going Hardcore with Getting Rid of Jsn.donecore.net Pop-Ups

The eternally fluctuating race between software security and software exploit abusers always makes it possible that even an updated computer at the hands of a savvy user still may be infected through Jsn.donecore.net pop-ups and other sources of unsafe Web content. With such high stakes, the only sensible thing to do after any contact with a fake update from Jsn.donecore.net or any similar site is to use anti-malware products to scan and disinfect your PC.

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