Lightning SpeedDial

Lightning SpeedDial Description

Lightning SpeedDial is adware that may display various disturbing pop-up ads, banners and messages on the desktop of the computer system. The messages, banners and ads displayed by Lightning SpeedDial may incorporate a variety of discount coupons, special deals, sales, discount coupons and offers that may emerge on the computer’s screen while the PC user is browsing the Web. Lightning SpeedDialmay seem to be a beneficial tool as it may allow the PC user to get to know about numerous discounts, deals, sales and the low prices.

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However, later the computer user may see how annoying is anything pertaining to Lightning SpeedDial. The main goal of Lightning SpeedDial may be to market numerous products, services and unknown websites. Lightning SpeedDial may collect information about the PC user’s online activity and transfer and use this data for targeted marketing purposes. Lightning SpeedDial may repeatedly divert PC users to questionable websites that may be commercial.

Lightning SpeedDial Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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