Description Screenshot is a search engine that browser hijackers often use as a landing page. Because is designed to mix profitable results into its searches, malware analysts note that may be responsible for linking you to unsafe content and recommend a high level of browser security if you do feel the need to use’s search engine. Browser hijackers for and similar sites are often distributed by being packaged with unrelated applications – usually through sources such as P2P networks and free software sites. While contact with is a minor danger to your PC, the presence of a browser hijacker can correspond to other security vulnerabilities and any PC threat that redirects you to should be removed by anti-malware software as necessary.

Why Can Turn into a Live Hijack

As a search site, may not offer all the security-related sorting measures that a more-popular search engine like Google would offer, but hasn’t been connected to explicit distribution of malicious content. However, malware analysts have noticed outcroppings of browser-based attacks that are used to force your browser to load Browser hijackers, like most low-level threats, are usually installed along with other programs – in some cases, in the form of seemingly helpful search-related add-ons.

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In other instances, hijacks related to can be caused by backdoor Trojans, rootkits and other high-level threats, which is why it’s inadvisable to ignore redirects to

Redirects to may occur as changes to your homepage, pop-ups, links to embedded in other content or redirects from other search engines. These attacks may also include clandestine attacks against your browser’s security; malware researchers have particularly taken note of related attacks often disabling Internet Explorer’s security zones or download security features. Redirects to haven’t been associated with a specific type of browser, and, as such, changing your browser or its settings shouldn’t be considered a defense against browser hijacks.

Getting Away from and Back to Your Choice of Search Engine

If your browser begins loading without your consent, malware experts suggest scanning your computer with anti-malware software to detect and remove all applicable PC threats. Afterward, all browser-related settings should be double-checked to guarantee that they’ve been set to their normal values, since they may result in web-browsing vulnerabilities if left unattended.

Given’s lack of distinct safety procedures for its search results, malware research team also encourages you to use strong browser security while you’re interacting with any links from Appropriate safety measures can include:
  • Disabling advertisements.
  • Disabling Flash, Java and JavaScript (which, as malware experts have noted, are often used by Blackhole Exploit Kits and similar PC threats).
  • Keeping anti-malware programs with web protection features on alert. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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