Mal/ZAccConf-A Description

Mal/ZAccConf-A is a malicious configuration file used by the ZeroAccess family of malware. The executable of Mal/ZAccConf-A that uses this configuration file will typically be found as a variant of Mal/ZAccess, Troj/ZAccess, Mal/Sirefef or Troj/Sirefef. In addition, there may be accompanying detections of Troj/ZAKMem-A or Troj/ZAUMem in memory. Mal/ZAccConf-A uses the special techniques (the Unicode character trick/ ACL (Access Control List)) to assure reboot persistence. Mal/ZAccConf-A has persistence if it automatically reloads itself when the PC user logs off and logs back on, or when he/she reboots the computer.

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That makes Mal/ZAccConf-A more dangerous, as it generally serves the cybercrooks for much longer. But the authors of Mal/ZAccConf-A also use the right-to-left override (RLO) and several other non-printable Unicode characters in both file paths and registry entries to further bypass the detection and removal of the ZeroAccess components. RLO is often used by cybercriminals to cover the extension of malicious, executable file types. Mal/ZAccConf-A connects to the peer-to-peer network and downloads modules that primarily execute click fraud.

Mal/ZAccConf-A Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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