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Montera Toolbar Description

The Montera Toolbar is one of many Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs that are created and distributed by the Montera LTD company. As a browser add-on, the Montera Toolbar may cause such issues as browser instability, redirects to unwanted sites and the display of needless advertisements, but malware researchers are particularly concerned over the Montera Toolbar’s history of interfering with anti-malware and security software. The Montera Toolbar, like other PUPs from this company, is a program without any advantages for your PC and usually should be removed by appropriate anti-malware methods with all appropriate alacrity.

Why You Don’t Want Your Browser Wearing a Montera Toolbar

With the rather innocuous name of a Spanish hat, the Montera Toolbar is scarcely any less favorable for your browser than a bull is to a bullfighter even though the Montera Toolbar pretends to be a plugin that can enhance your Web-browsing activities. Hailing from the less than reputable Montera company, the Montera Toolbar is related to such varied PUPs as MyStart by Incredibar, Claro Ltd Toolbar and other PC threats that usually are associated with a number of Web browser-based attacks. Some of these attacks from both Montera Toolbar and its relatives can include:
  • Attacks that change your homepage – usually coupled with efforts to block you from undoing these changes.
  • Search engine-redirecting attacks.
  • Attacks that display pop-ups, extra text links to unusual sites and other forms of unwanted Web content.

However, the Montera Toolbar’s greatest significance doesn’t lie in any of the above attacks, but in its history of attempting to avoid being deleted.

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Because the Montera Toolbar loads itself into your PC’s memory automatically when Windows starts, even an otherwise competent anti-malware product may be unable to delete the Montera Toolbar under normal circumstances. The Montera Toolbar and PC threats linked to the Montera Toolbar also have been noted for attempting to block some security applications from being launched at all.

Making an Escape from an Unwanted Montera Toolbar Experience

Disabling the Montera Toolbar’s startup through such means as the Safe Mode feature (often recommended by malware analysts for PC threats like Police Ransomware Trojans) can be used to help rid your PC of the Montera Toolbar. Given its intractability to being removed, which often is characteristic of malicious browser add-ons of various types, malware researchers do encourage you to use any accessible anti-malware products to delete a Montera Toolbar thoroughly.

The Montera Toolbar’s infection vectors of choice are, as of this time, still unidentified, but there have been reports of the Montera Toolbar being installed in a non-consensual fashion. Non-consensual installations of a Montera Toolbar can occur through browser exploits hosted on hostile/hacked sites, previous infection by a Trojan with PC threat-installing capabilities or, in the simplest of cases, the Montera Toolbar being installed silently alongside another program that you installed by choice.

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