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MyInfotopia is an adware extension for the Chrome Web browser. Adware programs like MyInfotopia often try to market their ‘features’ as being in your favor, but in the case of MyInfotopia and many similar products, their advertisements have minimal discernible advantages. Along with the distinct lack of benefits, malware researchers warn that MyInfotopia also may be a security problem, even while the responsible company claims to lack any responsibility for harm that may come to your PC through its product’s advertisements. MyInfotopia may not be a Trojan, but deleting MyInfotopia still should be your first, last and only reaction to seeing its pop-ups, injected banners or other advertisements.

Why MyInfotopia’s Information Utopia is Built on a Foundation of Advertisements

One of the rare adware programs that are limited to affecting Chrome, MyInfotopia is marketed as a product that ‘improves your Web browsing experience,’ even though its practical functions are limited to finding new ways to display advertisements – and tracking which sites you visit. Data tracked by MyInfotopia may include such information as your Web searches, which sites you load, how long you stay on any specific site and which advertisements you’ve already seen. Although MyInfotopia’s data-tracking behavior doesn’t steal personal information like account names, MyInfotopia may harm your browser’s performance and may be invasive.

However, broad its tracking functions might be, MyInfotopia’s most identifiable functions always are those related to its advertisements.

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Examples of MyInfotopia advertisements may include:
  • So-called ‘transitional’ or ‘interstitial’ advertisements that pause the loading of an unrelated site to force you to view an advertisement beforehand.
  • Injected hyperlinks for advertisements, sometimes referred to as inline text advertisements.
  • Injected banners and similar graphical advertisements.
  • Sponsored search results, which may be viewable above or alongside the actual search results of a search engine.

Getting Your Info – without Getting It the Way that MyInfotopia Wants It

MyInfotopia doesn’t provide any real benefits to your browser that could counteract the simple irritation and performance problems that are almost certain to arise from its advertising features. Even more troublingly, MyInfotopia claims not to be responsible for any harm that your PC might suffer from its advertisements while malware experts simultaneously monitor ongoing reports of drive-by-downloads for Trojans and other PC threats exploiting adware-based advertisement networks. If you value the safety, stability and performance of your Web browser, you should make a high priority out of deleting MyInfotopia.

Anti-malware applications are essential both for MyInfotopia’s removal and for blocking any attempts at installing MyInfotopia that may be less than honest. Software-bundling utilities often are the ultimate culprits behind the distribution of adware, and practicing safe browsing habits can go a long way to preventing these bundles from infiltrating your computer. Most bundlers are identifiable by good anti-malware products, either inherently (in the case of well-known bundle utilities) or by their payloads, like MyInfotopia.

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