‘No Java Detected’ Pop-Up Alert

The ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert is a kind of attack that often is loaded by general CDN (Content Delivery Networks) like Rvzr-a.akamaihd.net. Unlike a real Java alert, the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert may appear even for PCs who have settled the most recent version of Java already, and is meant strictly to install unwanted or threatening software. Because a ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert may include different payloads between different instances of its attacks, malware researchers must recommend general security strategies for dealing with the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert, including the use of anti-malware programs to disinfect your PC after any encounters with this criminal pop-up.

When You Get a Little Something Added to Your Cup of Java

In a just world, a Java update warning would appear for PCs who only, truly require an update and would be associated with a redirect to an officially sanctioned download from Java.com. However, back in the real world, pop-ups like the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alerts are, just as often, used to attack the PCs of users who are interested in updating their software without considering the potential consequences. As malware experts have seen in previous attacks like the ‘Java Software Critical Update’ pop-up alert, the circumstances of these attacks are flexible, but may correspond to a fake media site pretending that some of its content has failed to load. This pretense then is followed by the launching of a ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert or similar pop-up, which claims that outdated or nonexistent Java is responsible for this issue.

There are two major ways by which the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert differentiates itself from a legitimate Java update alert: in the first place, the fact that the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert loads without any attempt to detect Java, and secondly that the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert doesn’t install Java at all.

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Instead, the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert installs threats, Potentially Unwanted Programs or both. This is a clear demonstration of how criminals continue to use social engineering strategies to con victims into compromising their own PCs, instead of relying on complex exploits that would, in many cases, be blocked by software updates or strong security features.

Dealing with a Pop-Up Attack that Detects Weakness in Your PC

The ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert, like any corrupted pop-up, should be considered equivalent to interacting with a risky website. This implies that, even if it wasn’t you who have installed the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert’s fake Java download, you should assume that your PC may be compromised. Safe browser settings and the use of anti-malware programs with Web protection features are your best protection against these types of attacks, which see updates and redistribution almost as regularly as criminals see paychecks from the results of their attacks. Ironically, disabling Java, JavaScript, Flash and other exploitable browser features also can block some of the attacks of the ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alerts and other pop-up-based PC threats.

If your browser has displayed a ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert that isn’t legitimate, you should use anti-malware tools to analyze and disinfect your computer immediately. However, some cases of similar pop-up warnings may be legitimate. Malware analysts recommend that you remain aware of the use or lack of Java (and similar software plugins) at all times, and keep Java updated to minimize any unexpected appearances of these prompts. As a basic rule, if you spot a ‘No Java Detected’ pop-up alert appear when Java is enabled, or you see a request to update Java when you already are using the latest version, you should assume that your PC is being attacked.

‘No Java Detected’ Pop-Up Alert Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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    1In order to stay safe, you should always avoid 'No Java Detected' and similar warning messages. If this or any other pop-up tricked you and you clicked the 'Free Java Download' button, follow this guide:
    No Java Detected.
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