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Perk Redirect Virus Description

Perk Redirect Virus Screenshot 1The Perk Redirect Virus is a term referring to browser hijackers that redirect your browser to or a sub-domain of that site, and often is associated with the Perk browser (a modified version of Chrome) from that site. Although Perk claims to reward its users for such simple actions as shopping online or just browsing the web, Perk also includes browser-hijacking functions that make it in many respects equivalent to a Perk Redirect Virus with functions including unwarranted system changes that control your web-browsing experience. Deleting any format of Perk Redirect Virus, including the Perk add-on, should use anti-malware applications that are certain to be able to remove both the Perk Redirect Virus’s software and the system changes that are linked to the Perk Redirect Virus.

Why the Perks of a Perk Redirect Virus Come with Some Downsides

The Perk Redirect Virus may come in any format that browser hijackers are known for using, but most usually is found in the form of the Perk browser, which is installed from Perk claims to offer you what amounts to free money for performing common online activities, but also encloses several other functions that aren’t quite so desirable as its points-earning bonuses. malware experts have outlined the following problems with the Perk plugin variant of the Perk Redirect Virus:
  • This version of the Perk Redirect Virus gathers some basic information about your web-browsing activities, such as which sites you visit or what kinds of items you buy online.
  • This version of the Perk Redirect Virus also may display alerts about online sales.

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    Although these alerts are configurable, they still may qualify as making the Perk Redirect Virus tantamount to an adware program.
  • The Perk variant of the Perk Redirect Virus also updates itself automatically and may add or discontinue functions arbitrarily.
  • Along with making itself your default browser, Perk also will change your homepage to on all other browsers, a common browser-hijacking function that helps to make Perk a typical example of a Perk Redirect Virus.

Many of the functions noted above are completely unnecessary for implementing the point reward system Perk markets itself as providing, and while malware experts don’t rate any type of Perk Redirect Virus as a high-level PC threat, you still should be cautious about installing Perk on your computer.

The Irreplaceable Perk of Being Able to Set Your Homepage to Whatever You Want

Whether you’re suffering from an unwanted installation of the Perk browser (and all of its associated browser changes), or another kind of the Perk Redirect Virus, dedicated anti-malware tools usually should be considered both the easiest and most effective means of restoring all of your browsers back to normal. Homepage settings changes and similar alterations, while sometimes capable of suppressing the symptoms of a Perk Redirect Virus, will not remove the software that’s responsible for the Perk Redirect Virus’s attacks and may harm your computer’s online performance, privacy or security.

Despite the above facts, malware researchers haven’t connected or other Perk Redirect Virus-related threats to the distribution or promotion of high-level PC threats. Although links from are not likely to be vetted for safety in the same way that reputable companies would consider mandatory, loading or coming into contact with it in some other fashion usually should not result in any exposure to malicious software, phishing attacks and other hazards.

Perk Redirect Virus Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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