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Portaldosites.com Screenshot 1Portaldosites.com is a search site that redirects all of its queries towards Yahoo.com – presumably as a cheap way of acquiring traffic and any associated revenue. Portaldosites.com is promoted through its browser add-on, which, in some cases, has been found to be installed without the PC user’s permission and exhibits an exceptional resistance to being removed. These traits force SpywareRemove.com malware researchers to label Portaldosites.com’s browser plugin a PUP (or Potentially Unwanted Program). If your browser loads content related to Portaldosites.com without your consent, or you have other reasons to want to remove Portaldosites.com’s add-on from your PC, you should use anti-malware applications that are capable of deleting all related components and settings changes automatically.

Portaldosites.com: More of a Portal-to-Yahoo Than Anything Else

Entering into the all-too-numerous classification of websites with no features other than providing redirects to other sites, Portaldosites.com is displayed like a search engine, but off-shores all of its actual searches to Yahoo. Despite a thorough pass over Portaldosites.com’s history and current content, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts haven’t found any strong signs of Portaldosites.com being used to promote PC threats other than its plugin, a low-level threat that’s classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program.

Portaldosites.com’s browser plugin makes changes to your browser’s settings to promote using Portaldosites.com for your searches, and may change your homepage, default search engine or the ‘target’ entries of your browser’s shortcut icons.

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Sometimes referred to as a Portaldosites.com Virus, Portaldosites.com’s browser add-on often is installed by other freeware applications that may not request your permission for the process, and SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have remarked upon the add-on’s particular refusal to be deleted completely by any normal add-on deletion techniques.

Closing the Portal to a Site that You’re Uninterested in Visiting

Currently, browser add-ons for Portaldosites.com are confirmed to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, although they also may be capable of changing the settings of some other Windows-based browsers. Since, regardless of the browser that you use, any settings changes will not delete the actual software that causes these changes in the first place, SpywareRemove.com malware experts don’t encourage changing your settings in an effort to rid yourself of a Portaldosites.com PUP. For now, Linux and Mac-based computers appear to be immune to Portaldosites.com PUPs; but the same can’t be said for other types of Potentially Unwanted Programs that promote very similar sites to Portaldosites.com.

On the bright side, anti-malware programs that are designed to deal with unwanted plugins and comparable PC threats always can be relied on for removing a Portaldosites.com add-on, with any inappropriate setting changes usually being removed along with the software. Although a visit to Portaldosites.com shouldn’t be considered a potential infection vector, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers can’t find any reason to recommend using Portaldosites.com’s add-on, which doesn’t provide any useful features for your browser and can be guilty of hindering your PC’s performance with its resource usage.

Portaldosites.com Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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