Description Screenshot is a site that promotes All Search, a mobile phone and tablet add-on that supposedly assists with your online searches. malware researchers haven’t found any especially negative elements associated with All Search, but there are cases of browser hijackers promoting with malicious changes to any compromised PC’s web-browsing settings. Browser hijacks of any sort, even when they involve the promotion of apparently safe sites like, always are corrosive to your computer’s online security, and any PC threat related to should be deleted with anti-malware products with all reasonable alacrity.

When an App’s Promotion is More In-Your-Face Than Anyone Should Tolerate

As a website, is a simple search app-proffering domain that doesn’t offer any content beyond All Search, which claims can assist your online searches with various auto-suggest and query-related functions. Currently, malware experts haven’t seen any evidence of malicious functions on behalf of All Search – but, unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the separate browser hijackers that promote

Browser hijackers may be coded to promote either hostile websites or safe ones like, but always are dangerous to your PC – since they remove your ability to control your browser’s behavior and may bypass a number of security features.

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Browser hijacks related to appear to have risen since March of 2013, and may either redirect you to spontaneously or lock your homepage/search engine to without your permission. Some other side effects, such as pop-ups, also may be observable.

Separating Your Homepage from All Search’s Marketing

Browser hijackers linked to have a history of being downloaded manually, but through downloads that are mislabeled in a way that you will be deceived into believing that the browser hijacker actually is a different kind of program (such as a Flash update or other ‘common sense’ download). When in doubt, malware researchers usually suggest avoiding download sources that aren’t directly from highly trustworthy websites, as well as a degree of care around unusual installation options that are included in widely-distributed forms of freeware products.

Because an improper deletion of a browser hijacker will not remove the settings changes that cause the actual browser hijacks, anti-malware software should be employed against such PC threats whenever it’s appropriate. Appropriately thorough deletion by anti-malware utilities also should revert your browser to its normal behavior, without being locked as your search engine or homepage.

Like All Search, itself, browser redirects to aren’t specific to any one type of browser and may attack Chrome, Firefox or IE. At this time, Mac and Linux-based hijacks haven’t been confirmed, but malware analysts have observed similar PC threats for all major brands of operating systems. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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