PUP.bitminer Description

PUP.bitminer is a Trojan that uses your computer’s resources to create fraudulent e-commerce money and transactions. In some cases, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have also noted PUP.bitminer in connexion with both rogue security programs and browser hijackers that alter results from search engines. If you see signs of these infections or other symptoms of a PUP.bitminer infection (such as overall system slowdown), you should immediately-remove PUP.bitminer and related PC threats with a trustworthy anti-malware product. Delaying in quick removal of PUP.bitminer will not only cause your PC to perform poorly but can also expose you to malicious sites, attempts to steal your credit card information and other browser-based attacks.

PUP.bitminer: Mining Away Regardless of the Legality of Its Operation

PUP.bitminer is often installed by Trojan droppers that allow PUP.bitminer to operate without your consent (or possibly even your awareness of PUP.bitminer’s presence in your PC). PUP.bitminer launches itself without your consent and attempts to avoid both detection and removal; direct symptoms of a PUP.bitminer infection are rare, although you may be able to detect PUP.bitminer from the side effects of its actions. The foremost symptom of a PUP.bitminer attack is an overall worsened performance of your operating system.

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You may also be able to notice excessive RAM usage from Task Manager.

PUP.bitminer uses all of these resources for the sole purpose of creating money and making fraudulent transactions with electronic currencies. This allows PUP.bitminer’s criminal partners to make a tidy profit while not even using their own computers for the job. SpywareRemove.com malware experts also warn that many digital currency miners like PUP.bitminer will also attempt to steal the contents of any online-currency accounts that are accessible on an infected PC.

The Flipside of PUP.bitminer’s Mining – Fake Security Software at Work

PUP.bitminer is also associated with rogue anti-malware and security programs like System Fix. In this capacity, PUP.bitminer may assist with the scamware program’s installation or other functions. SpywareRemove.com malware experts note that browser redirect attacks are often found in PUP.bitminer infections that occur under these circumstances. Inherent risks of PUP.bitminer browser redirects can include:
  • Having your homepage altered to a hostile site.
  • Having your search engine’s results changed to malicious links.
  • Being blocked from PC security sites that could help you remove PUP.bitminer.

Only up-to-date and trustworthy anti-malware software should be used to delete PUP.bitminer, since inadequate deletion techniques can allow PUP.bitminer to survive and continue its attacks. Using a system boot from an external drive or rebooting into Safe Mode may be necessary to achieve an environment that will allow you to remove PUP.bitminer in a clean fashion.

PUP.bitminer may be detected by any of the following aliases: Program:Win32/CoinMiner, HKTL_BITCOINMINE, Win32/BitCoinMiner, RiskTool.Win32.BitCoinMiner.a, Tool.BtcMine.1, RiskTool.BitCoinMiner!SP8RvUesJfQ, possible-Threat.Win32.BitCoinMiner and Win-Appcare/Bitcoin.743936.

PUP.bitminer Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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