PUP.FileScout.A Description

Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A (which shouldn’t be mistaken for the mistaken for FileScout, the Blackberry-based file explorer) is a download manager that has a history of being installed without your permission, is difficult to remove and may make various unnecessary changes to your Windows file associations settings. Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A and similar Potentially Unwanted Programs are not necessarily immediate dangers to your PC’s security, but Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A does include various undesirable traits and usually should be removed if you lack well-thought-out reasons for keeping Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A on your computer. Because Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A is difficult to remove even for some brands of anti-malware products, you may need to use especially stringent means of deleting Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A, including using Safe Mode for your anti-malware scans, as well as software that’s updated for detecting recent PC threats.

Scouting Out the Numerous Problems with Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A

While various programs have gone by the name ‘FileScout’ or ‘File Scout,’ most notably a file-exploring utility for mobile devices, Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A is a term reserved for a downloader manager program with a troubled past. Starting in 2013, malware researchers have taken notice of a pattern of victims seeing Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A on their computers without having downloaded deliberately Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A.

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While Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A does provide some minor download-searching and maintenance features, most PC users would consider its drawbacks to make Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A not worth the price.

By default, Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A changes many file associations, causing the relevant file types to associate with Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A instead of their normal programs. Deleting Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A through normal means will not remove these file association changes, and Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A also has been observed being reinstalled after its attempted deletion. SpywareRemove.com malware research team is, therefore, inclined to categorize Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A as a Potentially Unwanted Program and recommend its removal, although the means for doing so may be more rigorous than would be required for any normal application.

Ejecting this PUP from Sniffing Around Your File Types

Potentially Unwanted Programs such as Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A infections usually may not endanger your PC immediately but may introduce various general security issues that should be resolved through the removal of the associated PUP. However, Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A is a scout that could be considered to have deft legs for dodging, as in some cases of Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A being partially removed – and then being reinstalled after the affected PC was restarted. To combat this, you usually will need to use updated and reliable anti-malware tools in combination with security features like Safe Mode, which will help you delete all of Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A’s components in one go.

Troublesomely, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts haven’t identified the infection vectors that Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A uses to install itself without the victim’s permission. Until new evidence comes to light, you should continue to exercise general precautions against poisonous sites and download sources to keep Trojan.PUP.FileScout.A from scouting out your hard drive – and muddling with your file settings in the process.

PUP.FileScout.A Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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