PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A Description

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A is a Potentially Unwanted Program that usually is installed as a fraudulent version of the BrowserProtect add-on and is related to adware attacks that display advertisements through your browser. While PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A may easily be confused with the legitimate BrowserProtect add-on (which provides anti-hijacking security features), PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A actually is unrelated to that program and typically is installed without your permission. SpywareRemove.com malware experts advise removing PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A from your PC as a point of maintaining your online security and recommend anti-malware tools as needed to remove all of PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A’s unnecessary system changes.

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A: the PUP that Sneaks in Without Your Permission

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A is a questionably-useful browser add-on that borrows the name – but not the browser-protecting functions – of a separate add-on that also is called BrowserProtect. While there may understandably be some confusion between the two, the legitimate version of BrowserProtect only is installed with your permission and provides various Web-browsing security features. Most importantly, the real version of BrowserProtect may be uninstalled at will, whereas PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A typically will resist being removed by exploiting your admin account permissions. Attempting to remove PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A without disabling PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A and all malware related to PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A generally will fail.

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A primarily is related to in-browser advertisements, such as pop-ups and link-injected content.

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These attacks may promote potentially hazardous content or worsen your browser’s performance, and PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A ultimately does not appear to have any benefits that SpywareRemove.com malware experts would rate as being worthy of keeping the program installed. However, all due care should be taken to distinguish PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A from the legitimate browser add-on that also uses the name BrowserProtect.

SpywareRemove.com malware experts also have seen a number of more worrying side effects related to PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A, which generally are sufficiently severe that they normally would not be caused by a Potentially Unwanted Program. Hence, PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A’s distribution methods are suspected to involve other PC threats that are responsible for enacting these attacks. The effects may include being blocked from using various programs, including the Registry Editor, Task Manager and other Windows security-oriented utilities.

Banishing the PUP You Never Wanted in the First Place

Alone, PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A is a minor danger to your PC, but, as noted earlier, PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A usually will be accompanied by other types of PC threats that are more dangerous than itself. Given PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A’s history of resisting deletion, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers recommend booting in Safe Mode to disable basic malware and using anti-malware software as required to remove PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A and the Trojans that may be associated with PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A.

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A has been found to be compatible with at least Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Switching browsers, updating your browser or using your browser’s normal add-on managers should not be considered alternatives to disinfecting your PC with appropriate anti-malware tools, as should be done as soon as PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A is detected.

PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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