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Qtype.inspsearch.com is a fake search site that pretends to provide relevant results, when its results actually are generic lists of popular sites, such as Wikipedia and Walmart.com. Besides its questionable status as a search site, Qtype.inspsearch.com also uses browser hijackers to promote its website as a replacement homepage, which malware researchers in no way find beneficial to any users. Deleting Qtype.inspsearch.com hijackers and any associated software should restore your browser’s homepage, as long as you use relevant PC security tools to make certain that the browser hijacker hasn’t left any system changes in its wake.

Are You the Right Type for a Fake Search Engine?

Qtype.inspsearch.com is a search site that lacks any actual Web-searching features, with different search terms always returning generalized results that lack specificity or targeted relevance. Qtype.inspsearch.com may not be a danger to your PC like any threat-distributing site, but malware researchers can’t find any justification for using its fundamentally non-functional searches. Search results from Qtype.inspsearch.com may not harm your computer but aren’t superior to those of a legitimate search site.

Qtype.inspsearch.com also has earned a special mark of uniqueness amongst malware researchers’ annals, for being one of the few fake search sites to market its own browser hijacker deliberately and openly.

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While most fake search sites prefer to use browser-hijacking toolbars that aren’t directly linked to them, Qtype.inspsearch.com is more than happy to inform its visitors about the source of their woes: Safehomepage and an accompanying program, Qtype.

Safehomepage is the add-on that’s responsible for locking your homepage to Qtype.inspsearch.com (whether or not you wanted it). Malware researchers had little trouble in confirming that Qtype and Safehomepage are distributed together as part of a bundle, with Qtype as the ‘dominant’ program, and Safehomepage installed as an optional add-on.

Taking Your Homepage Back for Yourself

Naturally, Safehomepage does not improve your Web browser’s safety. In fact, malware analysts rate any browser hijacker as a potential danger to your PC, and, at the very least, a performance problem that prevents you from controlling your Web browser’s settings appropriately. Even if you feel that you rather would keep Qtype installed, deleting Safehomepage and any other Qtype.inspsearch.com hijacker always are suggested.

Qtype.inspsearch.com provides its own uninstallation instructions, although they’re extremely generic, and malware researchers don’t advice you to trust this questionable site for supervising the removal of its software. Deleting Qtype.inspsearch.com hijackers, Qtype and related programs can be done without much difficulty, as long as you use a good brand of anti-malware software as your first resort. Doing so also should return your browser’s homepage to normal, or allow you to reset it to a default page (which Safehomepage will block until Safehomepage is been removed).

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