Description is a search site that redirects all searches to Google without any observable tampering – at least as far as malware researchers have been able to discover. In spite of the essential safety of its purloined content, has been found benefiting from search hijacks and other browser-altering attacks by some low-level PC threats. All programs that change your browser without your permission and load websites in ways that aren’t under your control should be considered security threats, even when the sites that they promote, like, are harmless. While hijackers are expected to attempt to prevent themselves from being deleted, any efficient anti-malware device should be able to remove a hijacker with no substantial problems.

When Searching with Stops Being Safe

Websites that have nothing to offer except redirecting their traffic to more valuable sites like Google or Bing are nothing new to malware researchers, and provides neither beneficial features nor any unsafe content that would make stand out from past examples of similar sites. As a basic search site without any independent search results on hand, isn’t a danger to your computer – even though there’s no real reason to visit, either.

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What changes all this is past evidence of browser hijacker campaigns involving as an ideal landing page for their attacks.

These hijacking campaigns provide non-consensual redirects from other search sites or homepages towards, with changes typically implemented so that all available Web browsers will be affected. hijackers are related to toolbars or other semi-legitimate browser products rarely, which makes the probability of their exploit non-consensual installation methods even more likely than normal. You also may see these redirects to coinciding with other browser changes such as added bookmarks, pop-up attacks or text-based hyperlink injections.

Powering Your Searches with a Search Engine that Provides Its Own Results

Although hijacked Web browsers that load without any consent are not a major security issue equivalent to a banking Trojan or other spyware program, you still should act to resolve these attacks and regain control of your browser in the least amount of time there can be. Disregarding of whether you suspect an obvious browser add-on’s involvement in hijacks or are unable to identify the source of a problem, using anti-malware tools to delete hijackers and undo their damaging browser changes always is encouraged as the best solution for your PC’s safety.

As for keeping a hijacker from hijacking your searches for you in the first place, concrete infection vectors for these PC threats have yet to be firmly defined. Consequentially, you should continue to operate with safe Web-browsing habits that protect your PC from unwanted software installations that may include bundled freeware programs, mislabeled torrent-distributed files or the payloads of exploit-hosting websites. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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