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SaveNShare Screenshot 1SaveNShare is an adware program that displays coupons and other shopping-related offers in your browser, theoretically to help you find good prices on your online purchases. While its external intentions may seem to be beneficial, SaveNShare has been found guilty of having many attributes associated with low-level PC threats, including preventing its easy uninstallation and being installed without your acknowledgment. Because SaveNShare often is installed along with several other types of unwanted and distrustful programs, malware experts find it optimal to use anti-malware software for removing SaveNShare and any other questionable browser add-ons that could have been installed along with SaveNShare.

SaveNShare: Sharing All the Advertisements You Could Ever (not) Want in Your Browser

SaveNShare is an adware program that markets its advertising functions as enhancements to your ability to shop online, similar to Coupon Pigeon, Coupon Buddy or Lucky Leap. While SaveNShare does provide shopping-related advertisements that may offer you useful deals, malware researchers warn that SaveNShare is unlikely to sort its advertisements according to the best possible bargains or perform any extensive sorting of coupons to filter legitimate ones from expired or fraudulent ones. SaveNShare also offers limited controls for determining how its content is displayed and by default injects its advertisements into various popular sites, such as Ebay and Amazon.

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This behavior is sufficient to classify SaveNShare as an adware program that usually should be deleted.

However, additional browser problems often accompany any normal SaveNShare installation. SaveNShare also may be installed along with hijackers and the SearchNewTab PUP (or Potentially Unwanted Program). Most installation methods for these three programs may install them without warning, and avoiding sites known for distributing unwanted an unwanted browser add-on like SaveNShare is the most reliable way to keep SaveNShare at a safe distance from your computer.

Saving Yourself the Bother of Dealing with SaveNShare

Because SaveNShare’s history has a tendency to include multiple infections consisting of several additional PUPs and other PC threats besides itself, any means of uninstalling SaveNShare also should take into account the possible presence of several other unwanted and potentially damaging programs. The use of anti-malware software obviously is the easiest way to remove SaveNShare while still being certain of detecting any other PC threats. With respect to the advertisements on display by SaveNShare, malware experts have not classified them as hazardous but do continue to recommend all of the normal precautions regarding participating in online offers from third party sources. Such advertisements often are used to promote scamware or phishing attacks that may cause extra problems for you besides those directly related to SaveNShare.

SaveNShare and many other adware programs may install themselves through the use of software bundles that require your consent but request it in a disingenuous way. malware researchers recommend being particularly cautious about browser add-ons that claim to enhance your shopping experience, your search results or your overall browser performance, all of which often are part of tactics designed to install adware, browser hijackers and various other PUPS.

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