Description Screenshot is a fake search site that uses a Google-reminiscent interface to make up for its minimal reputation, poor search results and nonexistent marketing on the web. While it would be nice if these were the worst things that did, also is guilty of promoting a browser hijacker or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) in the form of its SearchAmong Toolbar. This toolbar replaces your browser settings so that you’re forced to use as your homepage and search engine. Like all browser hijackers with adware associations, malware researchers rank’s toolbar as a low-level threat and recommend that you get rid of the SearchAmong Toolbar (and, hopefully, all of its browser changes) with your pick of suitable PC security applications.

Why You’ll Wish Could Take No for An Answer looks like any other simple search engine, but users who’ve attempted to help themselves to’s search results have reported that is only interested in handing out advertisements, spam and other types of irrelevant links. While isn’t likely to harm your PC in a visit, malware researchers recommend that you avoid placing too much trust in links from, which may redirect you to suspicious or even dangerous sites.

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Currently, isn’t listed as hosting or promoting malicious software intentionally – although this may change in the future when other PC security companies develop database entries for’s browser plugin.

Besides its search engine,’s standout feature is its SearchAmong Toolbar, a browser add-on that functions in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Like many browser plugins from similar sites, the SearchAmong Toolbar claims to have search-enhancing features, but all malware experts were able to notice was its tendency to reset one’s homepage and default search engine to These settings can remain in place even if all affected browsers are reinstalled from scratch.

Getting Out from the Midst of’s No-Good Links

If you’re ready to sail away from and get back to a real search engine, malware research team suggests using anti-malware software to delete’s toolbar and related components, such as registry entries. Although the website does provide instructions for uninstalling the SearchAmong Toolbar, many PC users have reported that these instructions don’t remove all of the settings changes to their browsers.

Besides downloading’s toolbar manually, you may also install’s add-on by accident. These incidents usually are tied to unrelated programs that include’s toolbar and other forms of adware as opt-out offers. Therefore, a little attention to what check boxes you select during the installation process may help you duck a potential encounter with At this time, fraudulent media players are particularly associated with browser hijackers. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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