Description Screenshot is one of the vast number of false websites and search engines. At first glance, may seem to be a legitimate and trustworthy website and search tool, but, in truth, it is associated with harmful browser hijackers and rootkits such as Google Redirect Virus and ZeroAccess rootkit. These malware infections can modify master boot record and establish and keep stable connection to a remote server controlled by attackers. The initial connection is adapted remotely so that browser hijackers are frequently instructed to listen to new servers. This is a typical method used in browser hijacking to lower the risk of destruction. Browser hijackers and rootkits can cause irritating search redirecting activity on the compromised web browser.

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If these browser hijackers and rootkits exist on your machine, you will get forcibly redirected to and other similar domains full of fake advertisements. Such websites were designed by scammers to attract Internet users visiting them and clicking on the ads in order to increase website traffic and earn money. Browser hijackers and rootkits linked to will block you from normal web browsing. When you try to look for a search term on Google or other well-known search engines, at first, you will get the search result links related to your query, but if you click on them, suddenly, they will be changed to search results totally unrelated to your query. To stop hits to, you need to remove all browser hijackers connected with this counterfeit website and change your browser settings. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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