Description is a search engine-based sub-domain of, a site promoting the EasyLife browser add-on. While appears to be using the search-related features of Yahoo to provide normal search results, there have also been reports of browser hijackers affiliated with – sometimes in connection with the EasyLife App. Following links from shouldn’t be more likely to harm your PC than the actual Yahoo site, although browser hijackers that redirect you to should be treated as threats to your web-browsing safety. Like any type of hostile software, malware should be deleted by appropriate anti-malware products that are able to remove any unwanted system changes that may befall as an outcome of these browser hijacks.

Why Life Under the Yoke of Isn’t So Easy

After a look at’s search features, it shows that simply borrows the features of Yahoo’s search engine to display Yahoo’s results, rather than making an attempt to find its own links. However, may add extra advertisements that may or may not include dangerous content, and, lacking any good reason to use, you may wish to keep to Yahoo or another search engine of good repute.

While, by itself, is scarcely worth the attention of malware researchers, the various browser-redirecting attacks involving have become a credible threat to all modern web browsers.

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These attacks may occur through an unwanted installation of’s EasyLife add-on or through other methods. In most cases, redirects to will begin after you’ve installed compromised software from a dangerous source (such as a poorly-secured freeware site or torrenting network).

Getting Back on Easy Street and Away from

Whether is installed from the EasyLife plugin or another source, a browser hijacker that promotes always should be treated as a credible danger to your web browser. Common problems that are related to browser hijackers may include degraded browser performance, altered web content, pop-ups and unusual changes to your browser settings (such as your homepage or security features).

If your browser is redirecting itself to automatically, malware experts can’t recommend any solution preferable to using a solid anti-malware product to disinfect your PC. To be certain that the disinfection process deletes all components of’s browser hijacker, you should avoid opening your browser and, if possible, use Safe Mode during the system scan.

If you fail to remove malware entirely or allow to remain on your computer, your browser may be exposed to other PC threats, fail to load appropriate sites, use up excessive system resources or experience other hijacker-related issues. These attacks haven’t been found to be dependent on any specific brand of browser and can be a threat to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and all other types of web browsers. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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