Description Screenshot is a search engine site that’s been noted for its association with browser hijackers and hostile browser add-ons (such as search engine toolbars). Although, as one of an infinitely-expanding army of forgettable search engines, isn’t particularly innovative, security experts have taken notice of since its recent promotional waves caused by browser hijackers that redirect various web browsers to automatically – especially after the victim attempts to use a different search engine. In case you have any suspicion that your browser has come into contact with or may have been infected by a browser hijacker, the safest course of action is to scan your PC with an appropriate anti-malware product that can safely revert all negative system changes without damaging your operating system.

Unlike popular and reputable search engine websites, is promoted by browser hijacker-based PC threats that redirect your browser to without your consent. Such redirects often take place after any attempts to use alternative search engines, but may also occur as a change to your homepage settings or redirect you to after you click an unrelated link.

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Browser hijackers for have been found to occur in two major varieties, as noted below:
  • Malicious browser add-ons, such as search engine toolbars that are often installed as Freecause Shopping BHOs. Such add-ons are typically installed as part of a bundled package with unrelated programs and will resist the normal removal methods that would suffice for benign add-ons.
  • Browser hijackers without browser-specific components; typically such PC threats operate by altering your Hosts file settings to direct you to whenever you try to load other websites. Malware analysts have found that these PC threats are often installed by Trojans or website-based browser exploits.

Why You Don’t Want to Linger at

Malware experts encourage you to scan your computer after any contact with This is even more important than normal in cases where you see symptoms of browser redirects to, as there’s a high chance of additional PC threats being installed on your computer.

If left untreated, browser hijackers for sites like can result in other attacks. Typical functions that are included in many types of browser hijackers and related PC threats include keylogging (recording your keyboard input), scanning files for steal-worthy personal information, redirects to phishing sites, lowered Windows security features and blocked access to security-related applications. Hence, malware researchers continually advise you to use suitable anti-malware programs to disinfect your PC as soon as possible after any contact with a browser hijacker or similar type of hostile software. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

Is your PC infected with To safely & quickly detect we highly recommend you run the malware scanner listed below.

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