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Searchrocket Hijacker Description

The Searchrocket Hijacker is a browser hijacker that specializes in redirecting your browser’s searches to, which actually doesn’t have any search features of its own at all. The site promoted by the Searchrocket Hijacker, in turn, promotes the Web-searching features of, which malware experts consider less than perfectly relevant and which may include unwanted advertisements. Although is not necessarily harmful for your browser or the rest of your PC, a Searchrocket Hijacker – or any other browser hijacker that removes your ability to control your browser – is a minor PC threat, and you generally should remove a Searchrocket Hijacker infection with any trusted brands of anti-malware scanners.

The Searchrocket Hijacker: Blasting You Off at the Speed of Light… Towards Spam

A Searchrocket Hijacker can refer to any of several variants of the common browser hijacker that are designed to redirect your browser to without your permission. Attacks by Searchrocket Hijacker usually are limited to redirects that change your online searches to that site, but some variants of the Searchrocket Hijacker also may include capabilities that allow them to monitor your online Website behavior (such as which sites you choose to visit), change your homepage or alter the content of some unrelated sites.

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and steps to uninstall SpyHunter. malware researchers have not, so far, linked the Searchrocket Hijacker to any specific toolbar or browser add-on, but many browser hijackers like the Searchrocket Hijacker often are installed through third-party add-ons and other methods that rely on you downloading a suspicious application deliberately.

As far as malware analysts can tell, the site that Searchrocket Hijacker promotes doesn’t engage in any attempts to expose you to malicious online content of any type. However, neither does the Searchrocket Hijacker’s website results have the conclusive and verified-for-your-safety links of the major search engines. Links from sites related to a Searchrocket Hijacker’s attacks should be considered potentially untrustworthy and often will redirect you to advertisements that only are tangentially related, at best, to your queries.

Sabotaging a Searchrocket Hijacker’s Browser-Based Flight

Although the site that Searchrocket Hijacker promotes is different from the usual, structurally, the Searchrocket Hijacker strongly resembles browser hijackers for similar sites like,, and These sites also should be considered essentially as disingenuous and of minimal value for web searches as the site. However, major attacks, such as drive-by-downloads or other forms of Web-based PC threats, are unlikely to originate from the Searchrocket Hijacker’s site or similar websites.

To clean your browser and stop the redirects launched by the Searchrocket Hijacker, malware researchers recommend the usual solution for all low-level PC threats: using Safe Mode to disable any unwanted software, which can be followed by deleting the Searchrocket Hijacker with a trusted anti-malware application.

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