Description Screenshot calls itself only a ‘premiere spot on the web’ to search for other websites, but unlike popular alternatives, displays results for the purpose of acquiring profit from traffic, rather than sorting its links according to how relevant they are to your search terms. Malware experts have also noted that, like many sites that are cloned from the same template, benefits from browser-redirecting attacks that are caused by various PC threats. These browser hijackers should be considered malicious and an open danger to your computer’s security until their removal by a suitable anti-malware product. Visiting or searching for other sites with, while inadvisable, has not been found to result in direct attacks against the relevant PCs – at least, not as of this point in time. and the Results You Will not Be Interested In Perusing will not make any mention of the other sites that are identical to, but’s only purpose is to serve as a rebranded search site that displays the same results as search engines like,,, and Search results derived from will offer advertisements, affiliate links and other destinations that aren’t correlated with the ideal search results you’d find from a reputable search site.

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Any of the sites mentioned above should be considered just as ineffectual at searches as (and vice versa). malware analysts also note that sites related to may be hazardous to your computer, albeit due to a lack of security protocols rather than explicit intentions by to attack your PC. Contact with should be minimized if possible, and it’s highly recommended that you use anti-malware software with web security features that can deflect drive-by-downloads and similar web-based attacks. Malicious sites that use drive-by-download exploits like Blacole remain one of the most prolific PC threats.

When is Your Search Engine Whether You Like It or Not is also in use as a popular destination promoted by PC threats with browser-hijacking capabilities. These attacks redirect your browser to or lock a default page setting onto without your permission. Malware researchers also have found some evidence of these attacks being linked to Trojan botnets that may be used for other attacks and cause system instability for infected computers.

Redirects to, similar sites or subdomains of (such as should be taken as a sign of a threat on your PC. Because redirects to are a symptom of a general threat, you should avoid manual attempts to remove the source of redirects. Instead, use anti-malware programs to scan your PC and remove all malware, including browser hijackers that are responsible for promoting Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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