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Starburn Software Virus Description

Starburn Software Virus Screenshot 1The Starburn Software Virus is a browser hijacker that promotes, a sub-domain of (oddly enough) a CD/DVD-burning company. Although malware research team has noted that has a middling to poor reputation, Starburn Software Virus appears to be an unlikely infection vector. However, Starburn Software Virus-based redirects to are indicatives of the existence of a threat that should be removed with both haste and appropriate anti-malware tools. Because Starburn Software Virus’s search features seem to be included primarily for easy revenue-generating purposes, you also should be careful when exposing yourself to the search results of a Starburn Software Virus’s search engine, which may not be filtered for your safety.

When those Extra Twinkles in Your Browser’s Searches are Due to the Starburn Software Virus

The Starburn Software Virus exists for the sole purpose of promoting and generating revenue through non-consensual traffic. Firefox appears to be most heavily affected by Starburn Software Virus’s attacks, although malware experts warn that other brands of browsers also may be vulnerable. Symptoms that are typical for a Starburn Software Virus infection include:
  • Having your searches redirected to Consequently, this also may block your ability to use any other search sites.
  • Having your homepage locked to
  • Pop-up advertisements that appear at random and potentially include hostile content.
  • An inability to remove any of the above browser problems by adjusting your browser’s settings.

The Starburn Software Virus, like many browser-based malware programs, also may monitor your visits to other sites for monetization purposes (selling the data to third parties or using it to configure appropriate advertisements).

Along with all of these problems, the search results from Starburn Software Virus’s promoted also include irrelevant results mixed in with its relevant ones.

Taking the Starburn Software Virus’s Shooting Star Well Below Your Horizon

Although the Starburn Software Virus, unlike a true virus, doesn’t give the appearance of been able to spread itself through attacks such as file infection, removing the Starburn Software Virus from your computer isn’t quite as easy as hitting ‘uninstall’.

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Even if you remove any Starburn Software Virus-related software by normal methods, its Starburn Software-promoting settings changes still will be intact on your computer and can continue to affect your browser.

Due to this problem along with the possibility of the Starburn Software Virus exposing your PC to other PC threats, malware researchers recommend using powerful anti-malware scanners to delete the Starburn Software Virus and reverse its system changes. Doing this in a timely fashion, the Starburn Software Virus shouldn’t be able to cause permanent damage to your computer or your web browser. Extensive contact with the site that the Starburn Software Virus promotes,, isn’t recommended in general but also has not been confirmed as a definitive source of other PC threats (at least, at this time).

Starburn Software Virus Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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