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StartNow Toolbar is a search engine toolbar that claims to be powered by Bing, although its behavior and the corresponding behavior of its website have given malware researchers ample cause for suspicion of its true intentions. As a potentially unwanted program or PUP, StartNow Toolbar may be installed when you attempt to install an unrelated program that has StartNow Toolbar as an optional inclusion. As long as you pay attention to what you’re downloading, StartNow Toolbar shouldn’t have a significant chance of getting on your PC, but since StartNow Toolbar is noted for unfriendly behavior, including changing browser settings and hogging up excessive CPU resources, our malware research team recommends that you delete StartNow Toolbar via anti-malware scans whenever it’s necessary.

StartNow Toolbar – Making Sure That Your Lag is Starting Right Now

StartNow Toolbar markets itself as a search-enhancing tool for your browser, but much of its behavior has been found to be somewhat less than reputable.

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StartNow Toolbar will use up excessive system resources either due to poorly-designed code or due to attacks that are ongoing behind the scenes, and this may result in slow web-browsing performance, program crashes and instability in your operating system. StartNow Toolbar will set its website,, as your browser’s homepage without your permission, which is often a sign of adware and similar types of low-level PC threats.

Even though StartNow Toolbar offers an uninstallation utility of its own, you should strongly consider using anti-malware programs to delete StartNow Toolbar if it’s necessary. Trusting StartNow Toolbar to remove all of its components may result in undesired aspects of StartNow Toolbar staying behind on your PC and continuing to impact its performance. While StartNow Toolbar was found to be most active in 2011, StartNow Toolbar-related issues are still plaguing PC users as of this year, and StartNow Toolbar should still be considered an ongoing threat for anyone who downloads software from disreputable sources.

The Lie That Zugo Wants You to Swallow About StartNow Toolbar

Websites like promote StartNow Toolbar as an apparently handy search engine utility, but malware researchers have found numerous indications that these sites don’t have your best interests at heart. StartNow Toolbar’s sites have been found to be:
  • Blocked by various PC security entities for disreputable behavior.
  • Engaging in manipulation of PC security websites to poison ratings and results, hence making these sites look more reputable than they really are.
  • Rated poorly for trustworthiness, respect of confidentiality of data and other areas of concern to most web-browsing PC users.

StartNow Toolbar Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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