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Tor Malware Description

Tor Malware is a spyware program that currently appears to be a US government-sponsored program based on CIPAV – the Computer and Internet Protocol Address Identifier. Tor Malware’s functions are designed to transfer basic identification information about your PC to what most likely is a sub-division of the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration, hence defeating the entire purpose of the Tor anonymity service. Updated versions of TOR are protected against current samples of Tor Malware, although Tor Malware’s development most likely is ongoing, and malware researchers can only recommend all appropriate anti-malware defenses to block or remove Tor Malware as is needed.

Tor Malware: the Limits of the Ideals of American Freedom in Cyberspace

While the practical limitations on one’s rights to privacy often crop up in contexts related to Facebook and other services that gather user information passively, the involvement of actual malware usually is a rarity. Tor Malware has emerged onto the Internet’s landscape in the most bombastic way possible, by directly attacking the privacy of Web surfers who visit Freedom Hosting-based websites and use the Tor Browser – both of which are related directly to preserving the freedom of their users. Tor Malware’s distribution appears to make heavy use of JavaScript exploits that enable easy drive-by-download attacks, although malware experts note that updated software should provide ample protection from the last known attacks of this stripe.

Tor Malware, unlike most spyware, isn’t after your bank account passwords or other such information.

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Instead, the Tor Malware gathers some basic information about your PC, such as your IP address, and sends the identifying information off to an IP address that currently is believed to be related to the United States DEA. The information is believed to be incorporated into an identification database pertaining largely (but not solely) to non-US citizens. The arrest of Eric Marques of Ireland is one of the latest incidents potentially related to Tor Malware, and Mr. Marques currently is being held without bail on charges related to the distribution of child pornography.

Taking the Malware Out of Your Tor malware research team warns that Tor Browser users are especially vulnerable to Tor Malware attacks as a direct result of the lack of automated security updates for that browser. Tor Browser versions corresponding to Firefox 17 or prior (as a modified version of that browser) should be considered especially at risk for Tor Malware infections. As usual, Tor Malware also gives PC users ample reasons for disabling JavaScript when it’s not being used by absolutely trustworthy website – or, at the least, updating JavaScript regularly to block these kinds of vulnerabilities.

As concealed surveillance malware or spyware, Tor Malware is a threat to your PC that doesn’t have any symptoms correlated to its presence. Despite its potential for government-authorized origins, Tor Malware should be removed by relevant anti-malware software when Tor Malware is discovered, just like any other form of spyware.

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  • Mike Morris says:

    I believe I downloaded an e-mail that contained this virus. It stated that all my files had been encrypted and I would have to follow some trail of websites to get into them again. When I checked indeed much of my data was inaccessible. I would obviously like to dump this virus but would also like to access my files again. Is that possible with Spy Hunter software?

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