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Utorrent Toolbar Screenshot 1The Utorrent Toolbar is a new Conduit-based browser add-on that may change your homepage without your consent and is extremely resistant to standardized plugin removal techniques. Issues related to Utorrent Toolbars have been noted in 2010 and 2012, in particular. Since Utorrent is by itself, a very popular torrenting client (a program for managing distributed downloads and uploads), many victims find themselves afflicted with a Utorrent Toolbar after installing Utorrent deliberately and not examining the relevant installation options very carefully. While its package for delivery is a little more impressive than usual, SpywareRemove.com malware experts still consider the Utorrent Toolbar to be little better than any other Conduit-affiliated Potentially Unwanted Program or browser hijacker, and encourage deleting the Utorrent Toolbar in its entirety with a trusted anti-malware program.

When Your Downloads Have a Little Something ‘Extra’ Attached to Them

The Utorrent Toolbar is a generic browser add-on that is officially affiliated with the legitimate Utorrent client and, like most Conduit Ltd plugins, often is installed automatically. Ordinarily, the Utorrent Toolbar does include an installation option to allow you to install Utorrent without installing the toolbar, but malware researchers have observed some widespread cases of this ‘opt out’ option failing entirely and installing the Utorrent Toolbar regardless of all else.

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The most prominent occurrences were in 2010 and 2012, but, at this time, Utorrent Toolbar still is being promoted along with the main Utorrent program.

The Utorrent Toolbar’s main effect is changing your homepage, an issue that can’t be undone without deleting the Utorrent Toolbar from your PC. This also is somewhat more difficult than it should be, and the Utorrent Toolbar has expressed an unwillingness to be uninstalled through either add-on management settings or through the Windows Control Panel.

Getting the Files You Want without More Add-Ons Than You Need

SpywareRemove.com malware experts generally classify most Conduit add-ons as Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs, and don’t see any reason to treat the Utorrent Toolbar any differently – in spite of its partnership with a more legitimate product than usual for a Conduit plugin. Because the Utorrent Toolbar doesn’t include any advantages for you as a PC user and isn’t required to use Utorrent, there never should be any reason to have the Utorrent Toolbar if you don’t want the Utorrent Toolbar on your PC.

Anti-malware software should be able to remove the Utorrent Toolbar easily, but preventing the Utorrent Toolbar from being installed usually is in the hands of the PC user. As noted in earlier scenarios, although some flukes have caused the Utorrent Toolbar to be installed without your permission, most Utorrent Toolbar installations are the result of the victim giving his or her permission. Pausing to examine all of the options available in any program’s installation process can keep your PC from being troubled by the Utorrent Toolbar or other Conduit plugins like Produtools, Findr Toolbar and Search, Internet Helper Toolbar, Vuze Toolbar, Vaf Music Toolbar, WiseConvert Community Toolbar, FLV Runner Toolbar, Delta Search Toolbar and Adware.2YourFace.

Utorrent Toolbar Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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