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WatchItNoAds is a Potentially Unwanted Program with a questionable feature set that has come to become associated with undesirable performance issues, unwanted installations and other problems that are common to PUPs. Seemingly one of a string of new add-ons designed to target Chrome for generating advertising revenue, WatchItNoAds is no more benign than any of its probable clones, and malware experts have no hesitation about encouraging the deletion of WatchItNoAds wherever WatchItNoAds is detected. Since the full breadth of WatchItNoAds’s functions may change with automated updates to the add-on, you should treat WatchItNoAds as nothing less than a security risk to your browser until WatchItNoAds is removed.

The Price Paid by Your Browser When You’re Looking for Unsafe Entertainment

WatchItNoAds is estimated to be part of a recent family of adware and other browser add-ons that are using fake streaming media sites and plugins as installation points for themselves. This family often is installed with more than one type of PUP, most of which may be designed to modify your browser (for displaying advertisement, as well as other purposes). Malware experts also have seen some cases, albeit relatively rarely, of unwanted programs from WatchItNoAds’s family being installed along with threats.

While WatchItNoAds doesn’t modify your browser to add a toolbar, WatchItNoAds is visible as an installed add-on.

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However, your browser’s add-on management settings will not allow you to delete or disable WatchItNoAds, which may cause major performance issues (such as poor loading times and crashes) while WatchItNoAds is installed. Like other members of its family, malware experts only have seen WatchItNoAds modify the Chrome Web browser, with Internet Explorer, Firefox and other brands being unaffected – for now.

Watching WatchItNoAds be Removed from Your Browser

WatchItNoAds and similar add-ons – such as Shopdruopp, ExstraCoupon and RoboSavEr – have no benefits to your browser, although advertisements loaded through them are not always threatening. Overall, considering the poor business practices surrounding WatchItNoAds and its clones, there’s substantial danger in allowing WatchItNoAds to modify Chrome, and malware experts advise removing WatchItNoAds, and any other programs installed with WatchItNoAds. As is so often the case, PC users who don’t make a habit of frequenting sites that offer fake movies or other forms of illegitimate entertainment are at substantially less risk of being compromised by WatchItNoAds and related PC threats.

A painless removal of WatchItNoAds requires either an expert in PC security or the features of an appropriate anti-adware/anti-malware product. Because WatchItNoAds may be installed with other programs and is of a family that’s fairly rapidly-evolving, any system scans performed with the latter should use the most extensive options available and the latest threat databases. The risks of allowing WatchItNoAds to stay on your PC may include more than just poor performance from Chrome, despite the dearth of other, visible symptoms of its being installed.

WatchItNoAds Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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