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Webexp Enhanced Screenshot 1Webexp Enhanced is an adware product, potentially related to BetterSurf adware, which changes your browser’s settings to allow for the display of new advertisements. Although Webexp Enhanced isn’t a threat, Webexp Enhanced does harm your browser’s performance and user interface, and malware researchers are particularly careful to stress that any unauthorized display of online advertisements may turn into potential security problems extremely quickly. If you see any characteristic symptoms of Webexp Enhanced advertisements, you always should react by running to the first available and competent anti-malware program suitable for removing Webexp Enhanced adware and similar unwanted programs.

When an Enhanced Browser Becomes an Advertisement-Based One

Webexp Enhanced is an advertisement-supported add-on for major Windows browsers, and like many similar programs, can be identified by its clear symptoms and willingness to market itself as a supposed benefit to your Web browser. While most people are familiar with the pop-up advertisements of other programs, Webexp Enhanced specializes in delivering advertisements through modified Web pages. Modifications that malware researchers have confirmed so far happen to include:
  • Injected text links, commonly referred to by adware companies as ‘inline text advertising.’ These links provide Webexp Enhanced advertisements when they’re clicked or, in some cases, moused over.
  • Injected advertising banners, graphical advertisements that may display a Webexp Enhanced tag line for identification.

In both cases, the Web pages being modified by Webexp Enhanced’s functions aren’t meant to host these advertisements.

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Besides providing obvious performance problems from the constant loading of advertisements, Webexp Enhanced also may incidentally interfere with your access to the modified sites, for example, by making it difficult to read text that has been hyperlinked.

The Dark Side of a Webexp ‘Enhancement’ Procedure

Most people would consider Webexp Enhanced’s advertisements to be sufficient drawbacks, in and of themselves, to warrant uninstalling Webexp Enhanced. However, the unfortunate reality of the Web, as it stands, is that Webexp Enhanced and other adware programs also are unwitting instigators of numerous security hazards for your PC. By default, malware researchers warn to be suspicious of common advertisement-based attacks, such as fake software updates, phishing attacks disguised as prize giveaways and inaccurate warning messages that ask you to install unfamiliar software. Failure to guard your PC against regular contact with these PC threats may cause a loss of personal information or even long term damage for your computer.

Removing Webexp Enhanced usually shouldn’t be a complex process, but using strong anti-adware or anti-malware tools can provide increased assurance that Webexp Enhanced actually will be removed completely. Because Webexp Enhanced does have a small history of failing to provide all of the proper methods for its removal (such as a Control Panel entry), Webexp Enhanced certainly shouldn’t be trusted to delete itself.

As a last note, malware researchers sometimes see Webexp Enhanced in the company of other Potentially Unwanted Programs and even threats. The same security solutions viable for deleting Webexp Enhanced also should be adept at detecting and deleting these related applications without much extended effort.


Adware.Win32.BetterSurf.Ajq [Baidu-International]Skodna.Generic_r.HW [AVG]not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.BetterSurf [Ikarus]a variant of Win32/AdWare.BetterSurf.C [ESET-NOD32]Win32.Troj.BetterSurf.b.(kcloud) [Kingsoft]AdWare/Win32.BetterSurf [Antiy-AVL]AdWare/BetterSurf.b [Jiangmin]Generic PUA MN [Sophos]ADWARE/Adware.Gen [AntiVir]Riskware.Win32.BetterSurf.crmmub [NANO-Antivirus]

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Webexp Enhanced Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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Technical Details

Registry Modifications

Tutorial: To edit and delete registry entries manually, read the tutorial on how to remove malicious registry entries.

Tip & Warning: Editing and removing the wrong registry keys can severely damage your PC, so remember to backup your Windows Registry! To optimize your Windows Registry and speed up your PC, download RegHunter's registry cleaner.
  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:
    HKEY..\..\..\..{RegistryKeys}SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions\bppabjgmhimmgdcnomenfdljlfekjpboSoftware\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions, value: {572e1ad6-ffaf-4a3b-a3e6-53416f80704e}Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Settings\{572E1AD6-FFAF-4A3B-A3E6-53416F80704E}Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{572E1AD6-FFAF-4A3B-A3E6-53416F80704E}SOFTWARE\Webexp EnhancedSOFTWARE\WebexpEnhancedV1SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions\bppabjgmhimmgdcnomenfdljlfekjpbo
  • The following CLSID's were detected:
    HKEY..\..\{CLSID Path} {86D2F32C-8C37-4E19-B34B-888DCC51E0E4}{EEA070E3-CB40-411C-8B10-C604ABE2D464}{572e1ad6-ffaf-4a3b-a3e6-53416f80704e}
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