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Websearch.pu-results.info Screenshot 1Websearch.pur-esults.info is a search site that borrows all of its features from Yahoo.com, albeit without mentioning this fact until after you try to use Websearch.pur-esults.info to search the web. Although it doesn’t show any evidence of Websearch.pur-esults.info being directly involved in any online attacks, there have seen cases of browser hijackers that choose to redirect their victims’ browsers to Websearch.pur-esults.info in a non-consensual fashion. Browser redirects, even towards seemingly safe sites like Websearch.pur-esults.info, always should be treated as security risks, and it’s encouraged for you to disinfect your PC via appropriate anti-malware software whenever your browser redirects to Websearch.pur-esults.info without your permission.

When the Search for Another Site Railroads You to Websearch.pur-esults.info

Besides borrowing Yahoo’s website, video and search features, Websearch.pur-esults.info doesn’t have any meaningful content to speak of, although SpywareRemove.com malware experts note that Websearch.pur-esults.info may insert additional advertisements into its results. Despite its cheerful ‘borrowing’ of other website content, Websearch.pur-esults.info doesn’t have a history of engaging in online attacks or promoting content that could harm your PC.

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For the moment, contact with Websearch.pur-esults.info can be considered as safe as contact with any other poorly-known search engine site. Therefore, assuming you use Yahoo, neither is there any reason to visit the comparatively less-trustworthy Websearch.pur-esults.info.

Current Websearch.pur-esults.info redirects don’t appear to be associated with a particular type of web browser or add-on. Redirects to Websearch.pur-esults.info may appear when you try to use another search engine, access your homepage or navigate through a link to a different site. These attacks also may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as pop-ups or links that have been added to text phrases.

The Result of a Websearch.pur-esults.info Redirect Problem

Browser hijackers promoting Websearch.pur-esults.info through redirect attacks may also perform other attacks, and, in many cases, are installed along with other forms of specialized malware. Since Websearch.pur-esults.info’s browser hijackers aren’t associated with specific software components that can be removed by hand, SpywareRemove.com malware research team encourages you to use anti-malware programs to resolve any Websearch.pur-esults.info-redirecting problems that you might have in any web browser.

Browser hijackers for Websearch.pur-esults.info, as well as other sites, usually are installed automatically alongside manual installations of separate programs. Since redirects to Websearch.pur-esults.info could be the consequence of trusting a website’s freeware too quickly, SpywareRemove.com malware research team advises you to be careful and research your download links before installing anything from an unusual source.

Websearch.pur-esults.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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