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Websearch.searchsunmy.info is a ‘search’ site that redirects any would-be searches to Google results, with the addition of a cookie file to provide some trivial profit from the traffic Websearch.searchsunmy.info gets without providing anything in return. Like all the other Websearch sites that malware experts have examined in past weeks, Websearch.searchsunmy.info isn’t a confirmed infection vector, but does use disreputable methods to acquire and maintain its traffic. Circumstances where your browser behaves in ways that are beneficial to Websearch.searchsunmy.info but not to you (such as redirecting your searches through Websearch.searchsunmy.info) should be responded to with anti-malware solutions that are able to take care of all forms of browser hijackers related to Websearch.searchsunmy.info.

Seeing the Glare of Websearch.searchsunmy.info in Your Eyes as You Search the Web

One of the laziest ways to get profit while earning a bad name for your website, Websearch.searchsunmy.info is a site designed to look like a search engine, but doesn’t have any real search-related features. Searches to Websearch.searchsunmy.info are redirect to Google.com with seemingly unaltered results, although Websearch.searchsunmy.info may include cookie files that may be considered invasive of the visitor’s privacy. This behavior, while far from helpful for any traffic to the site, is very standard for Websearch-based search domains, which malware experts have been tracking through many domain name shifts in the past few months.

Websearch.searchsunmy.info is one of the newest domains in this family, but other examples could include those such as Websearch.simplespeedy.info, Websearch.youwillfind.info, Websearch.searchguru.info, Websearch.searchbomb.info, Websearch.search-guide.info or Websearch.wisesearch.info, all of which were identified in the latter half of 2013.

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Although Websearch.searchsunmy.info and other Websearch sites usually aren’t intentionally threatening, they do have ties to software that – like the Websearch.searchsunmy.info site – acts in ways that aren’t helpful to the affected computer.

Websearch sites are often promoted by browser hijackers that may cause a security-gambling browsing environment. Redirects to Websearch.searchsunmy.info from other search sites are common functions of these Potentially Unwanted Programs, which are installed with questionable consent or no consent at all. Malware researchers usually find that Websearch.searchsunmy.info hijackers and similarly-affiliated PC threats usually are resistant to normal uninstall methods and refuse to remove their browser changes by any ‘request’ less insistent than the wholesale deletion of the program.

The Digital Sunblock that’s Perfect for Websearch.searchsunmy.info

There usually shouldn’t be any need to worry over performing a search through Websearch.searchsunmy.info, or having any other contact with that site, unless your browser is being subjected to repeated redirects to Websearch.searchsunmy.info. If that last issue does happen to be relevant, you should close all programs, reboot in Safe Mode and run a general anti-malware scan to delete your Websearch.searchsunmy.info search hijacker. Changing to a browser that’s unaffected by these Websearch.searchsunmy.info redirects may be helpful in the short term, but will not solve the underlying problem of a browser hijacker being installed on your PC.

The Websearch family of browser hijackers and related websites, like Websearch.searchsunmy.info, continues to grow over time. Future precautions against likely installation methods for Websearch.searchsunmy.info hijackers and similar PC threats almost certainly will continue to be necessary – at least, if you want your browser loading the sites you tell it to load, and not the sites that a third party wants it to load. General safe browsing practices, such as scanning suspicious installers before opening them, still are recommended by malware researchers.

Websearch.searchsunmy.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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