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Websearch.wisesearch.info Screenshot 1Websearch.wisesearch.info is a search site that relays all of its search queries to secondary websites in an attempt to raise revenue through cookies that monitor its traffic. While searching the Web with Websearch.wisesearch.info doesn’t cause any harm to your computer, Websearch.wisesearch.info and other domains in its family may be promoted by threatening browser hijackers, which redirect your browser without your permission. Websearch.wisesearch.info hijackers are security threats even when the content they expose you to isn’t risky – and using anti-malware utilities to remove a Websearch.wisesearch.info hijacker from your computer should be treated as a basic part of PC maintenance.

Why It Might Be Wise to Correct a Websearch.wisesearch.info-Redirecting Problem

Websearch.wisesearch.info is one of a large number of similar ‘Websearch’ domains that pretend to provide search results, but actually redirect all visitors to third party websites, such as Google, Bing and Genieo.com (the latter the search engine of Websearch.wisesearch.info’s preference). By using cookies to keep track of traffic as it flows through their sites towards reputable ones, Websearch.wisesearch.info and other Websearch sites get a small amount of profit per visitor, even though they don’t provide any features that would make them worth visiting.

Malware experts only became concerned with the Websearch ring when they began confirming reports of browser hijacks promoting Websearch.wisesearch.info and its relatives, such as Websearch.oversearch.info, Websearch.searchere.info, Websearch.searchthere.info, Websearch.simplesearches.info, Websearch.pur-esult.info, Websearch.searchesplace.info and Websearch.greatresults.info.

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These attacks lock your homepage or default search engine to Websearch-affiliated sites and should be considered security issues, although loading Websearch.wisesearch.info is not an immediate danger to your PC.

The Wisdom in Searching Where You Want – and not Where a Browser Hijacker Wants

Unlike similar PC threats, Websearch.wisesearch.info hijackers aren’t distributed with specific toolbars or other browser add-ons, although malware analysts still anticipate the use of software bundles for their distribution. Avoiding free software sites with poor reputations and disreputable downloading networks should be your most obvious protection against getting an unwanted Websearch.wisesearch.info hijacker. Depending on the format of the Websearch.wisesearch.info hijacker in question, once it’s installed, Websearch.wisesearch.info may affect just one browser or several browsers simultaneously, but rarely will display any files or other components that would let you delete them normally.

To remove these Websearch.wisesearch.info hijackers, which tend to be detectable only by their Websearch.wisesearch.info-redirecting symptoms, using anti-malware software to scan your PC thoroughly always is the recommended solution. Some additional basic security steps, such as keeping all browsers closed and rebooting into Safe Mode, also are recommended to guarantee as complete a disinfection of your computer as is possible.

Currently, the infection vectors for these Websearch.wisesearch.info hijackers remain unidentified. However, all available evidence thus far has led SpywareRemove.com malware experts to conclude that PC users who have strong anti-malware protection and who practice safe browsing habits should be in minimal danger from the newest member of the Websearch-hijacking campaign.

Websearch.wisesearch.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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