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Websearch.wisesearch.info Screenshot 1Websearch.wisesearch.info is a misleading search system website, which is related to browser hijackers and adware that may be able to hijack the web browser, change the DNS settings and HOSTS file in order to reroute search engine traffic of any website to unwanted or commercial websites. So, if the computer user attempts to look for a certain term or phrase in any renowned search engine, all search results may get diverted to Websearch.wisesearch.info and other advertisement websites created by cybercriminals to possibly make money from forced redirects and increased traffic.

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Also, if the PC user strives to search for anything online by using Websearch.wisesearch.info, he may not get any search results related to the initial query because Websearch.wisesearch.info simply doesn’t work. Malware threats linked to Websearch.wisesearch.info may violate the PC user’s privacy and slow down the computer. To rid the PC of annoying redirects to Websearch.wisesearch.info, computer users need to find a decent anti-malware tool to delete all browser hijackers and adware related to Websearch.wisesearch.info.

Websearch.wisesearch.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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