Web Surf Shield Virus

Web Surf Shield Virus Description

The Web Surf Shield Virus is a browser hijacker that redirects you to irrelevant surveys to allow criminals to profit from your traffic. Since the Web Surf Shield Virus’s attacks are disguised and resemble a supposedly legitimate update prompt, attentiveness to where you download any software update remains one of the best common sense defenses against such attacks. Since the Web Surf Shield Virus may block your browser’s ability to visit other websites on a completely arbitrary basis, malware experts also suggest deleting any Web Surf Shield Virus with anti-malware tools immediately.

The Shield that Really is a Slide Towards Free Money for Crooks

With the name of the ‘Web Surf Shield’ seeming to imply that the Web Surf Shield Virus is some form of scamware, malware researchers initially expected the Web Surf Shield Virus to be a rogue system scanner, a la members of the WinWebSec or FakeRean families. However, the Web Surf Shield Virus actually turned out to be something more unusual: a browser hijacker that specializes in promoting surveys. Multiple browsers currently are estimated to be at risk for these hijacks.

Like any form of scamware, the Web Surf Shield Virus promises to help you with security features that the Web Surf Shield Virus doesn’t have – such as the ability to block potentially compromised sites or provide you with immediate access to important browser updates.

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These hijacks merely redirect your browser to surveys that pay money out to criminals for your participation, and, needless to say, don’t offer updates or enhanced Web-browsing safety of any sort.

Taking the Wind out of a Web Surf Shield Virus’s Sails

Even if you’ve realized that interacting with a Web Surf Shield Virus’s surveys has no profit in it for you, the mere fact that the Web Surf Shield Virus may control which sites your browser loads makes the Web Surf Shield Virus a security hazard to your Web-surfing experience. Malware researchers advise you deal with the Web Surf Shield Virus the same way you should deal with any similar browser hijacker: by using anti-malware products to expunge the Web Surf Shield Virus from your hard drive the very moment you start seeing its survey redirects.

The Web Surf Shield Virus’s infection methods aren’t yet identified, but all current evidence leads to the Web Surf Shield Virus being installed without any consent from the users of the affected PCs. Malware researchers particularly point out poor-security freeware sites as a common infection vector for browser hijackers like the Web Surf Shield Virus, as well as many other low-level PC threats. Avoiding programs that use suspicious installers or any form of bundling with additional programs should be treated as a basic necessity for keeping your browser from being redirected to sites without your having any say so in the matter.

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