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Widdit.com Screenshot 1Widdit.com claims to provide an instant boost to ‘engagement and revenues’ for the web masters of other sites, but Internet users have experienced their browsers being hijacked and redirected to Widdit.com. Browser hijackers, which are linked to Google Redirect Virus, may use several means, including BHO abuses, to force your browser to load Widdit.com whenever you try to use a popular search engine like Bing or Google. You may also experience other issues that are common to browser hijacker attacks, such as pop-ups, poor browser performance or even potential theft of personal information from your browser’s cache. However, no matter how exactly browser hijackers for Widdit.com manifest themselves, it’s always recommended that you remove them with competent anti-malware software to insure for your web-browsing safety in the future.

Like other types of search sites (such as Whatseek.com and Urlseek.vmn.net), Widdit.com looks like a search engine but doesn’t have appropriate link-providing features to support its appearance. Links from Widdit.com are always intended to pay out profit to Widdit.com’s web masters. Browser hijackers may cause any or all of the following symptoms:
  • Set Widdit.com to be your home page.
  • Refuse to allow you to change your web browser’s settings.
  • Block other websites with fake warning screens.
  • Redirect you to Widdit.com – particularly when you try to load a competing brand of search engine.

Rescuing Your Browser from Widdit.com’s Clutches

Since prolonged contact to Widdit.com and related sites can be a definitive hazard for your computer’s safety, we recommend that you scan your PC after any of signs of contact with Widdit.com or any evidence of the symptoms noted above.

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Manual removal for browser hijackers that are linked to Widdit.com is unlikely to prove a total success, and such a solution may even harm your Internet connectivity due to lingering system changes or other attacks against your web browser. However, as long as you treat the Widdit.com problem with appropriate anti-malware programs as soon as Widdit.com is spotted, your PC shouldn’t suffer serious damage from Widdit.com’s browser hijackers, which are considered to be low-priority threats.

In some cases, browser hijackers that are affiliated with Widdit.com may be installed in Browser Helper Object-based formats. These forms of browser hijackers will limit their redirect attacks to specific browsers, and can be avoided (prior, of course, to removal) by using a different browser that they aren’t designed to attack. However, in many cases, browser hijackers for sites like Widdit.com have also been known to accomplish redirects via general setting changes that can affect all web browsers (and should be reverted by appropriate software or a PC security expert, when possible).

Widdit.com Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

Is your PC infected with Widdit.com? To safely & quickly detect Widdit.com we highly recommend you run the malware scanner listed below.

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