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Windows Efficiency Master Description

Windows Efficiency Master Screenshot 1Windows Efficiency Master is an apparent expansion of one of the most widespread families of rogue anti-malware products, FakeVimes.

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Windows Efficiency Master’s distribution tactics may include everything from installers hidden in spam e-mails to attacks from illegal Websites, but Windows Efficiency Master always will attempt to fake being a useful security product that detects numerous threats on your computer. Since malware researchers have rated Windows Efficiency Master as a high-level threat to your computer’s security, all relevant anti-malware strategies and software should be put to use for removing Windows Efficiency Master from any system afflicted with Windows Efficiency Master.

A Look into Windows Efficiency Master’s Efficiency at Faking Crises

Windows Efficiency Master has all of the hallmarks of a security program, including a system scan function, a range of pop-up warning messages for various PC threats, and a memory process manager, amongst other features. Unfortunately, Windows Efficiency Master’s ‘all in one suite’ really is so good in a way that is difficult to believe, since malware researchers confirmed that Windows Efficiency Master spends all of its time detecting fake threats, rather than real ones. Information from Windows Efficiency Master regarding your PC’s safety should be considered as completely erroneous, and following security advice from Windows Efficiency Master is more likely to harm your PC than to help it.

Setting its fake security information aside, Windows Efficiency Master also is a likely source of other computer problems, most of which involve limiting your access to other programs to convince you that other threat has infected your PC. Windows Efficiency Master may ‘replace’ your Windows Task Manager or the Registry Editor, and Windows Efficiency Master may block other programs ranging from instant messengers to arbitrary Google utilities. Most attempts to launch these programs may cause Windows Efficiency Master to display a fake pop-up about them being infected by unrelated threats.

Being Your Own Master of Your PC’s Safety

All scamware products are threatening to your PC, and Windows Efficiency Master is a clear example of why: in most cases, they’ll attempt to disable security features while pretending to enhance your computer’s overall safety. Windows Efficiency Master and its ilk will request the purchase of full versions of their software to remove all detected threats, but there’s no advantage to paying these fees, and malware experts recommend against it. Most legitimate anti-malware products should be capable of dealing with Windows Efficiency Master, as an iteration of a thoroughly-identified family of scamware.

Windows Efficiency Master is a significant threat to your PC, but not an especially unique one. You also should be alert for fake anti-malware programs that resemble Windows Efficiency Master and other members of the FakeVimes family. Malware researchers can point to other fake system scanners as examples of other, recent inclusions in Windows Efficiency Master’s group, like System Smart Security, Windows Web Combat, Windows Paramount Protection, Windows Pro Safety Release, Windows Guard Solutions, Windows First-Class Protector, Windows Antibreach Tool, Windows Defence Master, Windows ProSecure Scanner, Windows Protection Booster, Windows Safety Series, Windows Security Booster, Windows Antivirus Tool, Windows Smart Warden, Windows Virtual Angel, Windows Efficiency Kit, Total Anti Malware Protection, Windows PC Aid, My Security Wall, Windows Internet Booster, Smart Engine, Activate Ultimate Protection, Windows Security Master, Windows Problems Stopper, Windows Maintenance Suite, Windows Ultimate Security Patch, Windows Enterprise Suite, Windows Proactive Safety, Windows Control Series, Windows Profound Security, Windows Prime Booster, Windows Home Patron, Windows Custom Safety, Windows Cleaning Toolkit, Windows Virtual Security, System Protection Tools, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Efficiency Reservoir, Windows Advanced Toolkit, Windows Trouble Taker, Windows Protection Tool, My Security Shield, Security Master AV, Windows Process Director, Windows Functionality Checker, Windows Safety Maintenance, Windows Activity Debugger, Windows Pro Defence, Windows Defending Center and Windows Advanced User Patch.

Windows Efficiency Master Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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Visual & GUI Characteristics

Windows Efficiency Master Screenshot 2Windows Efficiency Master Screenshot 3Windows Efficiency Master Screenshot 4

Technical Details

File System Modifications

Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove malicious DLLs and delete other harmful files. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.

Additional Information

  • The following messages's were detected:
    # Message
    System data security is at risk!
    To prevent potential PC errors, run a full system scan.
    Trojan activity detected. System integrity at risk. Full system scan is highly recommended.
    3Warning! Identity theft attempt detected
    Hidden connection IP:
    Target: Microsoft Corporation keys
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